iAwake Technologies Weekly Coaching Call – 12.02.15

John shares what has been the focus of his life for the past 10 years. How does one forgive? What is the way out of resentment? According to him, one of the reasons you forgive other people is you can’t hold on to the resentments. That you can forgive by becoming successful which doesn’t only mean having a lot of money and being abundant. He also talks about the four quadrants of our lives which are the Physical Body, Interior Life, Relational Life and the Physical World.

Below are some of the phone in questions or comments by callers:

  • “I just wanted to check in and say, “Hi”. I came in just a few minutes late so I think the topic or theme that seem to register most prominently with me was success and kind of the what is success mean. How does it translate in terms in the experience of recovery?”
  • “I like your phrasing, your framing of gratitude…”
  • “You used a lot of hypnosis MP3s in the past and I’ve been using meditation for the last few months and I’m just interested in what the difference between what the Profound Releasing that I’m using… I’ve used it three times so far… and between that and hypnosis. And then the kind of related question to that is, ‘Is it an appropriate tool to use for rumination problems?’”
  • “How would you describe in your own words the postmodern deconstructive stage of development? And to what degree has the deconstructionists perspective influence the inner groom model of life? Also, John, to which religious cult were you referring earlier in your talk and at what stage did it develop and what’s the group consciousness then?”

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