Reach Out to Others – 11.16.16

John shared one of his deeply renewing meditation and prayer practices is reaching out to others. If we can’t go and reach out and be loving and kind and understanding to our dearest friends and our family members, then how are we going to reach out to strangers and people we don’t know? It is really important now that we reach out to each other in love and respect and kindness and realize that there’s a lot of anger, there’s a lot of hurt, there’s a lot of fear going on. We have to reach out with compassion and humility in these times that we are going through. John also shared his family history and talked about his father and grandfather.

Pam announced that neuromore has developed an app that is on iPhone with iAwake tracks and that eventually, there will be biosensors so that you can check out your heart rate variability.

Below is a comment by one of the listeners:

  • “My challenge is getting into the lucid dream state. It tends to happen by accident for me and I had a few of them in the past decades, so I know what it’s like, but the routines and the methods to get into it are kind of challenging. I was wondering if iAwake Technologies had anything along those lines. I’ve been looking at NLP for assistance like hypnotic induction to a lucid dream and things like that because I know that can help.”

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