“I am aware.” – 11.11.15

John talks about writing his new book on how to be more aware of oneself and how iAwake has played a role in this quest. He also shares about how hard it can be to start but eventually the process becomes a joy through practice and patience.  John also discussed how meditation plays an important role in learning about oneself and eventually being able to tap your greater self where you eventually get to that state of “awakening”. He stresses on the importance on how to stay awake even if the world is always trying to keep us asleep and how to keep working on ourselves. He also discusses his belief on how everyone in their lives will get to the point where they will have to go on spiritual need and that denying this need can cause us pain which in turn can lead to addiction in search of that awareness.

A phone in question:

“I have a technical question. I’ve been using the Audio Oxygen and the Digital Energy Acupuncture and I wanted to know… I’ve been using with my iPod, but if I wanted to put it and use the CD that I purchased for the environment , what’s the proximity that it has to be to me to get the benefit?”

A written question:

“Hello John and iAwake team.  I am an iAwake practitioner. Just to confirm, these tracks with regular practice, do they re-write our subconscious beliefs and patterns?”

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