Recovery through iAwake Technologies – 06.08.16

John shared his experiences on working in the field of recovery and with people who are suffering from addiction, alcoholism and drugs. He talks about how his work has expanded and began to heal him of his depression.

In addition, Pam announced a new blog post written by Javi Otero called Fractal Entrainment: A New Psychoacoustic Technology Inspired by Nature.

Some questions in this coaching call:

  • “Is there a product among yours that can be a benefit at ambient sound for people with psychiatric orders, schizophrenia in particular? If yes, has this product been tested for possible side effects?”
  • “Do you recommend any iAwake tools for returning to sleep during the wee hours?”
  • “Do you recommend iAwake for sitting meditation only? What about walking meditation? While walking in the woods, for example.”

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