Working Through Addiction – 05.18.16

In this week’s coaching call, John talks about Ken Wilber’s new book “Integral Meditation” that talks about how we use mindfulness to work through our addiction and aversions. He also announced that they will be continuing the Spiritual Technologies 2.0 Summit that has been changed into Spirit TECHTalks – Season 1. He also shared that they have finished their first interview with Patrick Hilsbos.

Some questions and comments in this coaching call:

  • “Isn’t addiction our safe place? Keeps us shackled to a particular mode of behavior and keeps us from facing our fear.”
  • “I have a lifetime of dealing with panic disorder, which started as a child with panic attacks when I was 10 which, of course, led to addiction when I was 18 with alcohol. So I spent my whole life battling alcohol and thinking wrongly that was always my problem, when in reality it was this ongoing issue of just being overwhelmed by anxiety and fear. Am I getting the wrong tracks? Are there any tracks that I should avoid?”
  • “I found it a little challenging to meditate at the same time every day. How is the Epsilon track? How do you navigate that in terms of how many hours a day is it okay to listen?”
  • “Is it most of our behavior a type of addiction?”
  • “Does it preclude the effects or states just regular people who haven’t dabbled in drugs can achieve with this technology?”

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