Bringing the Ego, the Little Self, in Right Relationship with the Big Self. – 04.20.16

John summarizes that spiritual practice is getting the ego, the little self, in right relationship with the big self by skillful practice, and that we are programmed and hardwired with higher states of understanding and insight. He also shared his thoughts on the three things about spiritual life:

  1.       Do you feel the presence of God?
  2.       Can you hear the voice of God?
  3.       Do you feel yourself becoming an instrument?

Some questions and comments in this coaching call:

  • “What is the best way to deal with the emotions in trauma when they come up?”
  • “I am learning that so much of what does come up during our inner work, it’s often what we imagined, and then that imagining is meaningless. We have attached meaning that has no place in us, we need to let it go. What do you think?”
  • “I have been struggling over the last few weeks with lack of emotional stuff, so much that meditation became really hard for me. But, Profound Releasing has been very helpful for me to just let go and just let someone else guide me through it day by day. Beautiful guided meditation by Joseph Kao has been ever so helpful. Thank you for this gift.”

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