Spiritual Path – 03.30.16

In this week’s coaching call, John talks about inner experience and how it awakens within us. He also explained that part of the spiritual path is simply the understanding of who and what we are at the deepest level. He also gave his in-depth thoughts on spiritual experiences.

John announced that they will be releasing a track with a working title “Workout Ecstasy” which is produced by Nadja Lind from Berlin. Also, Pam shared that they are planning on launching live seasonal shows, interviews called Spirit TECHTalks in May.

Some questions and comments in this coaching call:

  • “What is the time table for the Neuromore collaboration release? This is something I am extremely interested and I can’t hardly wait.”
  • “I just want to express my gratitude for finding your products. It has been a great help in recovery from depression.”
  • “I really am enjoying the Digital Euphoria – Special Edition track. It helps me get through the day with a smile. Thank you.”

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