Inner Work Meditation – 03.23.16

In this call, John started by introducing a new book which is about the inner work meditation. He shares the meaning of Contemplative Prayer and discussed the detriments to initiating or getting past the beginner’s stage of Meditation. He also introduced a friend, Nadja Lind, from Berlin who created exercise tracks that he has been using to jog and in the gym.

Also, in this call, Pam talked about the newly launched website and the release of the soundtracks from a chant album through iTunes.

Some questions and comments in this coaching call:

  • “I am curious whether brain entrainment has any similarities to the energy field that affects us daily.”
  • “Entanglement is a great description… Does meditation helps us detach from personalizing and remember our light selves?”
  • “What are we going to do is to change how we are on this planet. What are we going to do to become better? While individual personal practices may help, our current cultural story–is that serving our purpose or is that enabling us to act out these negative ways?”
    “Are we still apprehensive because it is the dark side that might be in all of us?”

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