The Benefits of a Master Cleanse – 03.09.16

In this week’s teleseminar, John talks about how he and Pam has started doing a lemonade cleanse, how it kept their energy up, and how it helped them work not just on their physical level but also on their spiritual and emotional side.

He also shares the definition of  “Spiritual Health” and also talks about Ken Wilber’s teaching which is the “1-2-3 of God”.

John has also announced  that you can go to the Spiritual Technologies 2.0 Summit’s website where you can access his interviews with all the creators of spiritual technologies.  Pam also mentioned about their new website and exciting plans that’ll take place soon in iAwake Technologies.

Some questions from this coaching call include:

  • “What is the name of the workout track?”
  • “When we sit quietly in meditation, do we make a difference for everyone?”

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