“The work that you do on yourself is the work that you do in the world. – Maslow” – 02.03.16

John shares that they have been busy at iAwake with the release of Solar Infusion – The Journey of Illumination  produced by Leigh Spusta. They’ve also been involved with Spiritual Technologies Summit 2.0 in which they have been interviewing people who are using spiritual technologies. John also shares the iAwake tracks that he uses in his day-to-day practice which helps him reconnect with his spiritual essence.

A few questions asked during the call:

  • “Can you find any signs… I mean I know your day-to-day life has shifted. Do you surprise yourself during the day noticing things that you might did you know are related to regularly during engaging in your inner practice?”
  • “Would you say for example, when we experience these blockages or when you were less able to answer states of flow, could it be related to wanting to do something with the wrong part of ourselves? Like, for example, forcing us intellectually to write something where as you might be that you’re off relaxing and letting it come out, as you say.”

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