Holidays and Family – 12.18.13

In this teleseminar, John Dupuy talks about how maintaining, and even increasing, our regular meditation practice can help us cope with the stress (both joyful and otherwise) of celebrating the holidays with family.

He also talks about his recent trip with Pam to Holland and Russia to conduct Integral Recoveryseminars, and also his experience with the newest groundbreaking product of iAwake Technologies, HeartWave Meditation.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “You mentioned increasing practice during the holidays which makes sense. Any particular tracks that you would recommend?”
  • “Somewhere, I read that you can transmit the biofield by pulling up a photo of yourself on the computer while playing the biofield-type track. Does that mean anything up on your computer will be getting the transmission like whatever I may be working on? Can I amplify the biofield by switching the embedded album or image to a photo of myself?”
  • “What tracks would you recommend for the alcoholic?”
  • “…When I look at your website, I’m kind of overwhelmed with the different types of DVDs that you have to do this meditation. I guess I’m just not sure… It just seems like in some ways you’ve curtailed different programs for different things, but then when I hear you speak, you’re like, ‘Well, use all of them.’ I’m totally lost. To start, what should I do?”


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