Hearing Our Inner Voice – 10.1.14

John Dupuy explores how crisis can really clarify what really matters, what life purpose is, and how life might present us with what we are here to do. This is by no means a fixed process and we cannot run away from our shadow, so the more we practice being present, the more present we’ll become and the more we might get to hear our inner voice.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “I’m new to the Profound Meditation Program, and I’ve been trying it for a week now. My husband and I are trying it out, and we are very intrigued. I’m wondering if the PMP would be helpful for our daughter who has Tourette’s syndrome? She does not have addiction issues except maybe being addicted to her computer. She is a 20-year-old hard working college junior. Thanks!”
  • “I’m wondering if I should think about that (purpose in life) before I start the meditation? Or just do the meditations and just kind of let it come and go, and experience the vibrations? Or do I really have to think about it? I’m just kind of questioning on what could be a good practice and how to enhance that.”
  • “How would you describe meditation to somebody who is completely new to it and would like to start a regular practice? What it really is, what do we do it for, and so on?”
  • “Is the goal of the Profound Meditation Program to clear the mind and not think of anything?”


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