Group Meditation (Deep Recovery) – 4.29.15

Another beautiful group experiential session, this time around the theme of recovery and how it affects all of us, since we all suffer. Renewal and growth is a fundamental part of life, whether we are actively in a recovery program or just simply alive. May we just be with the fear, transmute it and release it.



Deep Recovery is a powerful brain entrainment meditation tool that can form an essential part of an ongoing spiritual and healing practice.Deep Recovery consists of two 33-minute tracks of entrainment designed music created by master composer, Leigh Spusta. The first 33-minute track features a guided meditation and visualization by John Dupuy that lasts for about 12 minutes. The second track features the same powerful entrainment sounds but without the guided meditation. The guided meditation is designed to take you into the depths where healing and transformation happen. It is suggested that Deep Recovery become part of a daily, ongoing internal transformational practice.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “Can negativity, misery and suffering be considered addictions?”

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