Group Meditation (Centering Meditation Session with HeartWave Meditation) – 4.22.15

When you begin to center down, you focus on your heart and your intention is of absolute surrender. You have a word, a sacred word, it could be “thank you”. By focusing on your heart center and saying “thank you” (or any other word you might choose) you open up to divine presence, let the ego agendas go, and welcome what emerges. Returning the attention to the heart, that´s the practice. You can practice anywhere and it is cumulative. Beautiful and simple!




A New Discovery in Meditation Technology for Engaging the Heart

Why opening the energetic heart is the missing ingredient in maximizing meditation’s capacity for quieting the mind, unlocking your purpose and fulfilling your highest potential.


Some questions in this coaching call include:

  • You mentioned you’ve been meditating with sound for nearly a decade now… Why do you think it is taking the mainstream so long to catch up with all these practices?

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