Feeling Emotions Fully – 5.7.14

Eric Thompson conducts this week’s teleseminar and talks about the importance of feeling our feelings to the core. He also guides us in a simple breathing exercise to help us become deeply relaxed, be with our own natural rhythm, and to help us reset our emotions to their natural state. Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “Is it possible to experience a nondual state of consciousness?”
  • “Will compressing the WAV files to the much smaller MP3 files to play on my MP3 player lessen the effectiveness of your various meditation products?”
  • (In relation to the breathing exercise) I am beginning to feel this wave come over, almost like an electric current, that is about to extinguish me. I feel that if I let it fully take me over, I would disappear.”
  • “Is there any real scientific evidence for biofield entrainment at zero volume?”


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