Experiential Series: Practicing Gratitude with HeartWave™ Meditation – 7.23.14

Join Part 1 of our new “Experiential Series” in which sound artist and acoustic stimulation researcher Javi Otero, runs a series of teleseminars designed for you to taste, expand or deepen your current use of iAwake’s catalog.

In this session he covers the following points:

  • Anna Wise: brief introduction to her work and legacy
  • Meditation as a state
  • Spontaneous meditative states
  • Qualities of Mastery
  • Gratitude as a form of Love
  • Relaxation Exercise – Group Listening (focused meditation): HeartWave™ Meditation(streaming)



Javi Otero is one of our Alpha Testers and offers experiential support with our products. He has trained with top biofeedback practitioners like Elizabeth St. John and Laura Lilienthal and has done extensive dreamwork with taoist expert analyst Kari Hohne. His work outside iAwake blends art and research and his main interest lies in creativity in its widest possible sense, for he believes that tapping into its full bandwidth resonates with life itself, therefore facilitating healing and growth. After having intensively tried and tested various acoustic stimulation technologies, he is currently exploring the practical applications of biofield entrainment and energy medicine as combined with the tools he regularly practices with: cold water, breathing and stretching (yoga), meditation, gratitude, improvisation, photography, video, poetry, sound and music. Javi is passionate about anything that might help us further experience the wonder of being alive. He can usually be found patiently steaming with ideas and enthusiasm (they cannot be all done at once!) and lives with his partner, dog and 9 cats in the north Spanish coast.


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