Eric Thompson on Schumann Holophonic (Part 2) – 9.18.13

Eric Thompson, the past Chief Technology Officer of iAwake Technologies and a groundbreaking pioneer in the development of biofield technology, conducts this week’s teleseminar and talks more about the newest addition to the iAwake Technologies product library, Schumann Holophonic.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “I’m just wondering if you could ask Eric if there’s anything coming down the pipeline to get audio tracks happening while one is talking on the phone. I know that when I’m talking on my iPhone, whatever audio track I have playing immediately cuts out which means that the EMR or the EMF or the electromagnetic field buffering effect is lost when the EMF is at its most harmful levels. Do you propose a solution for this?”
  • “Do you have any delta – I think that’s what it is – tracks for sleeping? I noticed Digital Euphoria is all delta. Can I use it every night?”
  • “How well will the biofield work if I disconnect the earbuds from my iPod?”
  • “…I do trainings for groups. I’d like to use as a background maybe something that would facilitate some alpha. So, I’m wondering, is there enough isochronic sound in there that I would get the effect if I were to put in on like a stereo speaker with maybe 20 people in the room with a woofer?”
  • “Has anybody used your stuff with putting on like a background for CDs for hypnotic therapy?”
  • “Is Profound Relief from Stress and Anxiety from Sounds True different from what you atiAwake Technologies offer?”


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