Eric Thompson on Schumann Holophonic (Part 1) – 9.4.13

Eric Thompson, the past Chief Technology Officer of iAwake Technologies and a groundbreaking pioneer in the development of biofield technology, conducts this week’s teleseminar and starts it off by talking about the newest addition to the iAwake Technologies product library, Schumann Holophonic.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “Hi. My dad has mild dementia. Would it be beneficial or harmful for him to listen to iAwake products like Audio Chi or Digital Euphoria?”
  • “Are there particular iAwake tracks that you would recommend to support staying with what could be called uncomfortable and difficult emotions and releasing emotions? How would you use it?”
  • “I was just wondering if there were going to be some more new meditation tracks in the Brain Catalyst Series?”
  • “Can one do breathing exercises while listening to any of the iAwake tracks?”
  • “Do you need to be touching the playing device or do the waves extend into the environment? If so, how far?”
  • “Someone posted the following on the Facebook page and hasn’t received an answer yet. I know it’s probably too early to ask, but will there ever be a Profound Meditation Program 4.0? Is that something you’re thinking of working on?”


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