Eric Thompson on Healing Light – 4.23.14

Eric Thompson, the Co-Founder and past Chief Technology Officer of iAwake Technologies and a groundbreaking pioneer in the development of biofield technology, conducts this week’s teleseminar and talks about the newest addition to iAwake Technologies’ revolutionary products,Healing Light. Eric also does a brief Q&A for our listeners during the last part of this teleseminar.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “I’ve been practicing Profound Meditation 3.0 for a couple of years now, and I’m just wondering if it’s going to be replaced in the near future by Profound Meditation 4.0.”
  • “Do you always have your CDs playing? Do you hear them or are they on silent? How many different ones do you use regularly?”
  • “I wonder… how your first subtle energy experience was and how might it compare to now? For example, are there any specific signs where you noticed that the biofield tech is affecting you? Is this a skill that can be learned from practice?”


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