Eric Thompson on Digital Acupuncture – 10.16.13

Eric Thompson, the past Chief Technology Officer of iAwake Technologies and a groundbreaking pioneer in the development of biofield technology, conducts this week’s teleseminar and starts it off by talking about the newest addition to iAwake Technologies’ Energy Alchemy Series, Digital Acupuncture. Eric also does a brief Q&A for our listeners during the last part of this teleseminar.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “What is the biofield range for an MP3 player with no earbuds, earphones or CD player?”
  • “I’m in the middle of a life-change, and it feels like a roller coaster. Which of the technologies would be the best one to ground me and center me in the middle of this turmoil?”
  • An interesting phenomena in Digital Energy Acupuncture, part of the instructions are is if you use your left hand and hold the – I have an iPhone – the iPhone, I have found that when I fall asleep listening to the hour tape, I’ll wake up and my hand will be numb almost as if I fell asleep with it, but it’s not in any mode that I can see. Am I gripping it too hard when I’m asleep? Or is this just a phenomena that the energy field is going up my arm?
  • “How long do the effects of one session of Digital Energy Acupuncture last?”
  • “Dr. Amen has a brainwave protocol for people with seven different kinds of ADD/ADHD. He has a new book on it coming out soon. Have you worked with people with ADD and have specific suggestions? I thought it might be good to put together his recommendations with your work.”
  • “Does biofield refer to the field that is always around the person or a field around the audio player when it is playing?”
  • “Has there been a scientifically measured increase in the size of the biofield when increasing the number of MP3 players?”
  • “I have been a TM meditator for 15 years. In the last month, I have been using the Profound Meditation Program product. I have been listening to 1-1 to 3-3. Do you have any specific recommendations regarding a plan for utilization? I have not used as much frequency the Epsilon, Gamma or Releasing Tracks.”

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