Enthusiasm: The Secret Sauce To An Extraordinary Life – 10.15.14

In this open and opening call, John Dupuy talks with John Carey of en*theos about his life, work and mission. We get to feel the enthusiastic heart behind en*theos, an organization focused on inspiring people from all walks of life to transform and show up as a force for good, spreading kindness and purpose.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “How do we self-actualize while staying humble enough to keep focused on the true SOURCE of our grandeur? Not fall prey to our ‘small self’s’ presumptions and dictates?”


About John Carey


John Carey has been with en*theos from the start and has worn many hats within the organization. He is affectionately known as “John-of-all-trades” due to his wide-ranging interests and abilities. John is a big hearted leader, and is passionate about business as an incubator for self and team-actualization in service of creating a more empathic, just, and sustainable world.


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