Embracing the Suffering – 2.13.13

In this teleseminar, John Dupuy gives us a brief background on the different Meme levels of Spiral Dynamics. Afterwards, he talks about a recent personal experience that relates to how we should embrace the suffering in order to wake up.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • (A question about NeuroStrength) “I had my first workout with it the other day, and it was amazing. I’m still sore from it, but I really felt like I got into a flow with it. I know this is probably a technical question – I’m surprised that you guys went out for the first time and said that MP3 was okay even though there’s compression in it?”
  • “It was Ken Wilber who actually was interviewing with Bill Harris. He mentioned that Ken himself said the importance of how important it is to meditate, and not only to meditate with the technology that he endorses himself, but also TM (traditional meditation). Is there anything you can comment on that on?”
  • “Is there a list of headphones that you guys have that would be, if not officially approved, at least providing the range necessary for a complete experience of the soundscape?”
  • “This is something I’ve heard before – you may meditate for years, but it does need an act of grace to kick along. Wilber, I think, uses the word ‘lucky’ somewhere to allow the opening to be realized. Is this so? Does it need an act of grace to awake?”


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