Dialog with Special Guest, Profound Meditation Program Practitioner, Bill Epperly – 10.24.12

In this teleseminar, John Dupuy is joined by Profound Meditation Program Practitioner, Bill Epperly, in discussing the impacts that this amazing technology has on our lives. Below is a brief introduction on Bill:

Bill Epperly is a PhD biochemist and a mystic, a city dweller who loves spending time in solitude in the Michigan woods. He has studied monastic forms of Korean Zen Buddhism as well as contemplative Christian practices such as Centering Prayer. After being introduced to Ken Wilber’s work while driving to a zen retreat in Toronto in 1989, he dedicated himself to studying and teaching integral theory and practice through salons, workshops, and retreats. In 1992, Bill moved to Chicago to help found a Korean Zen Buddhist Temple, but he left that community in 1993 to find a more balanced way of life. He married in 2001 and is the Director of the Center for Learning and Teaching at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. When he’s not listening to PMP, he enjoys cooking, hanging out with friends, and city life. Bill is an active participant in the Waking Down in Mutuality community founded by Saniel Bonder and lives in Chicago, by the shore of Lake Michigan, with his wife Claire and two cats.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “How do I know which tier to listen to within the suite of PMP 3.0? The competitive drive signals me to go to the third tier as soon as possible. Why so many tiers? It seems simpler with 2.0?”


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