Creativity and Struggle – 8.20.14

In this thoughtful call, John Dupuy expands on how creative geniuses are often struck by mental difficulties and disorders. Listen to his moving personal story living as a creative type also suffering from depression and fighting to stay in the world… until he found about the very tools with which to overcome his struggle and isolation that he still uses daily.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “How would you encourage somebody for whom looking at the painful side of life is just not an option, somebody perhaps reaching what could be the end of their live, with no previous practice and a lot of resistance to the idea?”
  • “After trying Profound Meditation Track 1-1 for about a week (and just a day after using good headphones) I had an incident of dizziness, had to lie down to avoid passing out. Two days later in a session with my energy worker, who is very gifted, she said Profound Meditation Program 3.0 was not for me, that my brain was racing, and that it was best not to use headphones either because the magnets mess with the energy body. Any experience with this? Any idea whether using PMP 3.0 might be okay under some future circumstances?”
  • ‘I remember once or twice having an anxiety feeling with other programs but I have never had anything like that on any iAwake products… no overwhelm, no anxiety, no need to ‘back off’, no physical or emotional discomfort of any kind. So I wonder if it is ‘pushing me’ enough. What do you think?”
  • “I would be interested to know which of your products would be most suited to assisting mind states conducive to creative visualisation and manifesting.”


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