Coaching Call for Advanced Practitioners of the Profound Meditation Program – 2.12.14

In this teleseminar, John Dupuy talks about the benefits that we can gain if we develop a regular meditation practice – one of which is mindfulness. He also talks about how this technology can help existing meditation practices such as Zen meditation, Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Christian contemplative, Jewish mystical, Transcendental Meditation, and many others, to work even better and be much more effective.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “During my meditation practice using Profound Meditation Program 3.0 Tier 1, I get a really unusual buildup of energy in my solar plexus. It gets so intense that I have to use EFT to try and release it whilst in meditation. Do you feel that it is alright to tap on it or should I just embrace the feeling?”
  • “It has been said that when your mind drops down to theta, your manifesting abilities are heightened. Have you ever thought about embedding affirmations, either subliminal or audible, on your tracks?”
  • “I’m completing my Holosync program in the next 8 weeks. Do you recommend a certain period of time before starting to work with the Profound Meditation Program once Holosync is completed?”
  • “Are you producing Profound Meditation Program 4.0? When do you foresee offering it to the world?”


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