Building a Consistent Practice – 1.21.15

Dedication, time and commitment are some of the best investments we can put our whole beings into if we are willing to transform ourselves. Our nervous system is a tremendously dynamic system and iAwake practice helps us realise the full potential of our capacities and what’s best, it encourage us to put them to action. Examining our attachments, resistance, cravings, and issues from a witnessing perspective can work as a whole-being detox that allows our agendas to be as aligned as possible with whatever our purpose might be. This realignment is amazing and happens at all levels, giving space to just being in the moment – a kind of relaxed-focused resting presence that charges our spiritual batteries.

Some questions in this weekly coaching call include:

  • “How do generic brainwave entrainment products compare to the well-researched iAwake Technologies?”
  • “How important it is to be around people that are spiritually advanced?”

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