A Way to Walk / A Conversation with Dr. Rebecca Ocean (Part 1) – 6.19.13

In the first half of this teleseminar, John Dupuy gives us his own take on The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism.

In the second half of the call, John Dupuy is joined by Dr. Rebecca Ocean, who describes her work with helping people transform their eating and weight loss programs and about the latest research into what truly works. This conversation is continued June 26, 2013.

Below is some information on Dr. Rebecca Ocean:

After weighing nearly 300 pounds – twice, 17 years ago Dr. Rebecca Ocean lost 150 pounds for the last time. From her personal experience, 20 years as a psycho-spiritual teacher, and her doctoral research on Women, Weight & Embodiment (understanding the psycho-spiritual process of healing obesity) she created the Taking Your True Shape® – a comprehensive eating and weight transformation program.

The Taking Your True Shape process is unique in the weight loss world because it supports people in making the critical shift from engaging transformation from a system based on negative judgement, willpower/control, and external problem-solving to a system based on compassion, curiosity, objective awareness, and embodied understanding of and alignment with the deepest truth of who and what we are. She incorporates decades of experience with the Enneagram, meditation, body/soul attunement, enquiry practice, relationship coaching, nutrition, and neuro-nutrient therapy into her work with students all over the world. Taking Your True Shape classes are available online and in person in Southern California. Rebecca also teaches the deeper levels of the process through mini-retreats and personalized private sessions via phone or Skype.

To know even more about Dr. Rebecca Ocean, visit her website at http://o-c-e-a-n.com/


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