A New Synthesis – 7.31.13

In this teleseminar, John Dupuy talks about a recent meditation that he had wherein he felt an inner conflict which eventually led him to a new synthesis. He felt that sharing this experience will encourage others who arrive at this dark and painful part of their meditation to just stick with it and embrace it in order to get through the conflict and arrive at a new synthesis, new inspiration, new direction, and new light.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “I have a question about noise while you’re listening to the programs with headphones. For example, if you can hear the hum of a fan or an airconditioner while you are listening to the tracks, does that interfere with the brain entrainment component of the programs?”
  • “I had a comment because I also struggle with being an introvert and I realize that I maybe have aversion to groups of people. When I’m in a group, I can fall apart and just become completely silent and not participating. I want to know what can I do to increase my extroversion part of myself?”


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