A Conversation with Alexander Leuthold – 1.23.13

In this teleseminar, John Dupuy explores a few reasons why we start and stick with a meditation practice and also the practice of the Profound Meditation Program with iAwake practitioner, Zen practitioner, and Integral Psychotherapist, Alexander Leuthold.

Through intensive mediation practice and psychotherapy Alexander has cultivated the capability to sense possible futures and to aid and inspire people from all walks of life to realize, embody and materialize what is possible in their lives. He is one of handful of therapists and life-coaches who is a certified scorer of the MAP (Maturity Assessment Profile), a Harvard University-tested instrument developed by Susanne Cook-Greuter that locates individuals’ center of gravity on the developmental spiral.

German readers will find more information about Alexander and his work at http://www.leuthold-volpert.de.


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