Love it! Have been listening to it a couple of times a day and can’t get enough.  ~ Allyson

Theta Joy

A Magic Carpet Ride on Theta Frequencies for Joy, Creativity, and Deep Relaxation

Theta Joy  blends an artfully created symphony of joyful sound layers with iAwake’s signature, cutting-edge brainwave entrainment technology to guide your brain from beta consciousness into the theta brainwave frequency, which is the doorway to the unconscious. Enter a flow state of profound creativity, insight, and great inspiration by tapping into the field of unity and universal connection — the best state in which to create your reality through vivid visualizations and affirmations.

From the first moment, I became an inner smile as a timeless being.  ~ Karen Lee-Lohmann

Listen to the 2-Minute and 5-Minute Samples Now

Use of headphones will provide the most optimal experience, but are not required.
To fully experience the potential of this program, please get comfortable, close your eyes, and relax for the next few minutes.
Allow the ambient music soundtracks to immerse you in a deep sense of joy and bliss.

Don’t be fooled – this is not just beautiful music – the technology infused in the soundtrack evokes the deep relaxation response.

Theta Joy  can help you:

  • tap into your inner joy
  • deepen your meditation practice
  • increase your creativity
  • relax your body/mind
  • deepen your breathing
  • connect with your inner self
  • focus your thoughts
  • visualize potentials
  • stabilize your immune system
  • release fatigue

Auto Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) has been called the brain orgasm. Euphoric yet relaxed state triggered by stimuli, in this case specific sounds woven into the soundscape.
Auto Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) has been called the brain orgasm. Euphoric yet relaxed state triggered by stimuli, in this case specific sounds woven into the soundscape.
Most effective with headphones
Most effective with headphones
Use of sound to influence brainwave activity. Forms of brainwave entrainment might include: binaural • isochronic • monaural •  psychacoustic • panning, etc.
Use of sound to influence brainwave activity. Forms of brainwave entrainment might include: binaural • isochronic • monaural • psychacoustic • panning, etc.
For the Inner Journey (3 to 7 Hz). Associated with: insight • visualization • inner journeying • dreamwork • intuition • deep states of meditation • healing
For the Inner Journey (3 to 7 Hz). Associated with: insight • visualization • inner journeying • dreamwork • intuition • deep states of meditation • healing

Additional Info


Track Details

Two tracks (total of 70 minutes)

01    Joy (24:54)
02   What is Time? (44:47)

Full package includes:

  • Two tracks (for a total of 70 minutes)
  • Tracks accessible on the free iAwake Technologies app for iOS and Android
  • Downloadable audio files available in MP3 and WAV formats
  • User Guide (downloadable PDF)
  • Ongoing support (responsive email, active Facebook forum, FAQs, videos, audios)
  • 1 optional CD*

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Who isn’t sometimes distracted by environmental noise, mental noise, or repetitive compulsive thoughts about daily life, work, and to-do lists?

These tracks were created to make both time and space free from outside interruptions and also the chatter inside your head, so you can become more relaxed, focused, and in tune with your inner guidance. Listening to Theta Joy  is an opportunity to take a mental shower from daily thought pollution, to become still and discover what wants to be expressed from within you.

Theta is a very relaxed brainwave state, close to sleep. The nature of the sound patterns and melodies in Theta Joy can keep you right at the surface in a flow state with increased focus, and they can also help you  fall into a deep, relaxed, sleep-like trance state.

The Story of the Development of Theta Joy  from the creator, Nadja Lind

I became especially interested in the theta brainwave frequency (5 Hz), which is associated with deep relaxation, hypnosis, and the REM dream state, also called trance, because here our subconscious is wide open and receives stimulus directly, bypassing the analytical mind. This is why theta is so good at inducing flow states, profound creativity, insights, focus, and great inspiration. It is the best state in which to create your reality through vivid visualizations and affirmations. I created the track Joy  to have a light and warm experience, leading me into this susceptible theta brainwave frequency.

With Joy,  I can feel myself sinking into a deeper and deeper state, and I can often literally observe my analytic mind thinking things like, “Don’t wiggle your toe, it will get you out of this beautiful state!”

What is Time?

This question has long occupied my mind. I’ve never experienced time as a steady, constant flow, but rather it always seems to be dependent on me and my changing environment and circumstances, moment to moment. I even experience time in loops or spirals. So I aimed to create a piece of sound that leads you into your very own personal experience of time and that leaves space for whatever emerges within you.

This track is very much influenced by my musical career as a producer of a lot of dub-techno music. I wanted the atmosphere in this track to be a bit colder than in Joy,  yet warm enough so you still feel safe and held — and at the same time create a feeling of non-attachment as you are pulled into the theta experience that leads you wherever you need to go.

How To Use

Download the iAwake App

First, download the FREE iAwake App, login with your email, and all your tracks will be right there. You can stream them, but we’d advise downloading them (from within the app) to ensure an interruption-free experience, and to be able to listen offline.


I use Joy  in different ways:

  • as preparation to watch my Mindmovies
  • a visualization tool like a vision board to feed my subconscious the best possible five-star menu “nutrients”
  • to connect to my inner guidance
  • to lay down with an eye-mask and headphones and have a deep, full-body experience of the ride between being awake and deep sleep
  • to focus

From the creator, Nadja Lind:

01 Joy

I like to put Joy  on to focus — to study or work on my computer without being interrupted by surrounding noises. Sometimes I also love listening to the tracks in the background without using the entrainment if I have paperwork to do. I also listen to support my daily fascia yoga stretching routine. Some friends love to listen to Joy  while they do their programming work. Joy  was not primarily created to help you sleep, although it has helped me fall into or back to sleep many times. It is also pleasant to listen to on a plane or train ride.

02 What is Time?

What is Time?  also entrains binaurally to the theta brainwave frequency, yet it has a very different quality compared to Joy.  This track is intended to be a little colder, even detached, with the feeling of a driving or pulling force to it.

Besides using What is Time? when I meditate, I also use this track to help me sleep on planes or trains. The title reflects my experience with time very well. Time is fleeting by…


From the creator, Nadja Lind:

Theta Joy entrains to the theta brainwave frequency of 5 Hz. The binaural beat frequency was created with my own instrument rack of two synthesizers (set up left and right to have a stereo effect) that I built to be able to create my own binaural beats.

The music was created using my beloved synthesizers Omnisphere 2, Korg Minilogue, Moog Subsequent 37, and several other effects (like I always do). I added some field recordings I took in St. Michael’s Church, close to where I live in Berlin.


Nadja Lind

Nadja Lind, creator of some of iAwake’s most intriguing and distinctive tracks, such as A Ticket to Glide (In the Flow), The Universe is Friendly!, Kismet, Re-enchantment, Heaven and Earth, Refuge, BE, Theta Joy, Strong Medicine, Purrfound Meditation, Turning In Ambient Meditations, and Workout Ecstasy Volumes I and II, has a passion for recording ambient sounds and developing binaural beat ambient meditations. 

Developed initially to support her own healing process, Nadja’s friends and colleagues enthusiastically requested more drone waves with the certain Nadja touch. 

After 17 years of calling Berlin her homebase, Nadja now lives in the south of the “Black Forest” in Germany. She has had a globetrotting DJ career since 2003, been a sound designer and producer of electronic music since 2004, both solo and as one half of the live duo “KLARTRAUM,” and is co-owner of the Lucidflow imprint among other labels. Nadja is also a certified specialist in Pain Relief Therapy, Osteo Pressure & Fascia Yoga, and is a certified Yoga Trainer. 

Nadja’s personal development and spiritual evolution led her to Ken Wilber’s AQAL map and the idea of “Integral” many years ago, which was the catalyst for starting her own brainwave entrainment meditation series, Turning In.

Nadja was trained in Sadhguru’s “Inner Engineering & Shambhavi Mahamudra” at the Isha Foundation, and has been practicing on a daily basis since October 2017. She works out approximately 4 times a week at the gym, and since 2018 additionally is to find on the mat doing Ashtanga-inspired Vinyasa yoga several times a week as well as hiking in the mountains. During her sessions, Nadja likes to use entrainment + beats.

Nadja has also trained in hypnosis, “Liebscher & Bracht” pain specialist and massage therapy, and is a vigorous practitioner of Voice Dialogue (Hal & Sidra Stone), Quantum Psychology (Stephen Wolinsky), Ho’oponopono (Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len), and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops, and has been meditating on a daily basis for many years.

I experienced a sense of lasting peaceful joy during and after listening to these tracks.  ~ Paul Ennemoser,

I was transported to a dreamlike state where everything was colored with beauty.  ~ E.Z.