PMP3 – Brainwave Patterns in Primary Meditation Tracks

Primary Meditation: Brainwave Pattern Sequence (Brainwave Entrainment Only)


NOTE: These brainwave frequencies refer only to the audible (sound) brainwave entrainment frequencies used. These tracks also contain the energetic frequencies of Alpha, Theta and Delta simultaneously in the silent biofield entrainment signals.


Primary Meditation: Brainwave Pattern Sequence

(Silent Biofield Entrainment Only)


NOTE: These brainwave frequencies refer only to the silent biofield entrainment frequencies used.


A Short Note on the “Evolved Mind” Brainwave Pattern Contained Within the PMP 3.0 Biofield Signals (Primary Meditation, Releasing Tracks and Epsilon Only)

While C. Maxwell Cade’s “Awakened Mind” brainwave pattern is fairly well known in meditation circles, it is less well recognized that he discovered another, more advanced pattern he referred to as the “Evolved Mind” pattern.

Using the Mind Mirror, a unique EEG machine he developed, he saw an exceptional balance of high-amplitude Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta activity in the brains of highly seasoned meditators and spiritual aspirants. He interpreted this pattern as a profound bridge that integrated the conscious mind with the subconscious and unconscious minds as well as the collective unconscious, in a unified flow. This pattern appeared during reports of unconditional joy, bliss and expansive awareness.

The Biofield signals in the Primary Meditation Tracks, Releasing Tracks and Epsilon contain this Evolved Mind brainwave pattern. As such, not only will you experience the target brainwave patterns facilitated by the auditory entrainment signals in each of these tracks (e.g., 0.01 Hz in Track 2 of Epsilon), but you will also enjoy the multiple brainwave patterns enabled by our biofield entrainment signals. This delivers a more well-rounded and natural approach that encourages more integration of subconscious and unconscious material that can otherwise limit spiritual and emotional advancement.