Tuesday, August 8th | 12PM EDT / 9AM PDT

The Power of the Vision Quest:

Access Your Inner Wisdom & Find Your Life Path & Purpose

with John Dupuy, Co-Founder of iAwake Technologies & Co-host of the Deep Transformation Podcast & Dr. Bob Weathers, Recovery Coach

Vision Quest Workshop 2023

Here is what we will be exploring:

  • Why finding your vision is essential to your emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth.
  • How finding our path and purpose can put our lives in perspective and help heal our deepest wounds.
  • How we can use cutting-edge psychoacoustic technology and the wisdom of our ancestors to find our way.
  • How this modern technology and working with a guide and a supportive community can help us answer our soul's most important question: "What am I here to do?"


Tuesday, August 8th | 9AM PDT Click here to find your local time.

Only 200 spots

John Dupuy
CEO, iAwake Technologies
Author, Integral Recovery

Dr. Bob Weathers
Recovery Coach  & Addiction Educator

What You Will Learn On This FREE Live Webinar:

The Exact Process to do a Vision Quest from the Comfort of Your Home

In this call we will look at how our ancestors used the Vision Quest at specific times of initiation and when there was a need to get guidance... and how you can use the same methods in the modern world because it is built into our DNA.

How to Use Our Current Technology & Ancient Wisdom to Achieve Deep Meditative States & Dramatically Powerful States of Inner Prayer

Dr. Bob and John will inform and inspire you to find your way given these evolutionary times that we live in and the state of your individual soul. 

The Importance of Deep Introspection and the Absolute Central Importance of Asking the Right Questions

Answer your soul's most important question: "What am I here to do?" and how you can shift into a purpose-infused life.