iNET (Integrated Neural Entrainment Technology) Process that Powers PMP3



The iNET process envelops brainwave activity, strategically guiding it toward transformative states of consciousness. Rather than embedding simple binaural frequencies into a nature soundtrack, iNET influences neurological activity through a multi-layered approach that combines numerous brainwave entrainment strategies with breakthroughs in energy psychology.

Conventional brainwave entrainment (BWE) works because its rhythmic pulses are able, at least to some degree, to attract the brain's neural firing rhythms into its own rhythmic train of influence. However, because brain waves and neurological processes are essentially nonlinear and dynamic, the entrainment signal generated by conventional forms of entrainment (e.g., binaural, isochronic and monaural beats) is limited in its capacity to engage the brain's neuro-electrical modulations into its own oscillatory rhythms.

The iNET process significantly improves the efficiency of BWE by seamlessly integrating multiple entrainment methodologies into a synergistic whole, thereby captivating more of the brain's dynamic flows to produce phase synchronous brain waves and deep states of meditation.


The entrainment methodologies include: 



Virtually every sound in the Profound Meditation soundtrack is binaurally encoded - even the mountain stream and rain sounds, whereas most entrainment tracks superimpose nature soundtracks over the binaural signals (heard as low, monotonous tones in the background), so that the only entrainment signals are coming from the two tones and nothing else. This results in a smaller entrainment signal-to-sound ratio, which limits its degree of neurological influence.

Improving upon the conventional binaural technologies used by much of the BWE industry, the iNET process uses virtually any and every sound in the soundtrack as an entrainment carrier by strategically juxtaposing the left and right stereo channels in relationship to one another.

This in turn produces a larger signal-to-sound ration and a stronger binaural signal, effectively transforming the entire soundtrack into a persuasive entrainment beacon.
















iNET uses a brand new and exclusive form of binaural signal that combines the power of binaural and isochronic entrainment, producing a more persuasive entrainment signal.




Based on music theory and neuroscientific research, iNET  harmonically layers multiple binaural signals to create a more effective entrainment stimulus by replicating the natural harmonics of neuro-electrical processes.





By altering the pitch and tempo of virtually every sound to rise and fall in perfect step with the binaural and rhythmic signals, entrainment is further enhanced. This acts as a natural pacing technology, slowly relaxing breathing and heart rate as well.

Because the body naturally synchronizes to its surrounding environment (which includes musical environments), the body and brain both detect the subtle tempo and pitch changes in the soundtrack. This affects a shift in autonomic nervous system functioning, which in turn deeply compliments the neural entrainment signals generated binaurally and rhythmically.

Breathing and heart rate significantly slow down in direct response to this stimulus, and the more efficient heart rate now influences brain rhythms through increased electromagnetic coherence.






Uplifting subtle energy frequencies are embedded in the soundtrack through the use of energy medicine technology. The result is a subtle but enlivening, tingling bodily feeling, much like an endorphin high, at the end of each session. In fact, you\'ll feel the effects long after each listening session, because the energy continues to interact with your biofield.

This layer of energy entrainment, similar but not identical to the energy transmitted in spiritual empowerments in various wisdom traditions, is experienced as profound relaxation, release and sometimes even bliss. And this elated feeling permeates the entire body, growing with you throughout the day.











9brainwavesSome successful entrainment companies employ the carrier frequency, which is used to deliver the binaural beat frequency, as an additional means of stimulating the brain during entrainment sessions. This is typically done by progressively lowering the pitch of the carrier frequency.

The reason amplitude and stimulation become greater as the carrier frequency is lowered is because, as the base pitch used to carry the entrainment signal lowers, both the length and the height (i.e., the distance between the valleys and troughs - the amplitude) of the carrier wave increase. This in turn delivers more energy, which in turn literally bounces off of the curvature of the inside of the skull, until it becomes an amplitude-modulated standing wave - the binaural beat. This approach is tantamount to using sound as energy medicine.


8brainwavesThe carrier frequencies used by iNET, which modulate the amplitude (or power) of the entrainment signal, range from entry-level stimulation to very advanced stages of neurological stimulation. The aim is to offer the same amplitude-modulated therapy that a few other entrainment products do, but in a manner that produces quicker results in a much gentler way. It is also important to state that, by utilizing this methodology, iNET can facilitate in months what used to take years, and without the need to continue purchasing higher and higher levels of the program.

Listeners will experience a wide range of carrier frequencies, but administered in smaller doses, so as to allow a stress threshold expansion that not only emerges more quickly, but is less overwhelming when it does so. The term 'stress threshold expansion' here refers to the extending of the nervous system's capacity to easily handle the kinds of stressful situations which once overwhelmed it.

The illustration below demonstrates the cycle we believe that best fits the present methodology used by a few notable entrainment companies:

Notice how the stimulus and recovery cycles are out of sync, so that, when the nervous system (as well as all of the bodily systems which support the nervous system) is least able to recover, the stimulus nonetheless continues at full volume. It is precisely this pattern, we believe, that produces the often unnecessarily prolonged overwhelm in programs used by such methodologies.



brainwaveentrainment895iNET improves on the above-mentioned methodology by establishing an adaptive balance between the stimulation (yang) and recovery (yin) cycles. This dynamic balance - or HARMONY - is established in two stages:

Stage 1 - OPTIMAL STIMULATION: Advanced Carrier Waves in the Primary Meditation tracks

The Primary Meditation tracks begin with entry-level carriers, and end with very advanced and powerful carrier waves, nearing the very bottom of the human audible hearing spectrum.

By using the pyramid model, the most powerful carriers are present for the shortest periods of time, as compared to the other carriers.

This approach affords optimal stimulation, while also avoiding the premature onset of acute 'overtraining'.

Stage 2 - OPTIMAL RECOVERY: Releasing Tracks

10brainwavesiNET improves the recovery process by offering alternate meditation tracks which feature less powerful and therefore less overwhelming carrier frequencies. These alternate tracks (which are included with Profound Meditation) are referred to as Releasing Meditation, specially designed to facilitate deep release and renewal.

When used in conjunction with the Primary Meditation tracks (which feature comprehensive carrier frequencies), the Releasing Meditation tracks continue deepening the meditation experience while simultaneously enabling the nervous system to reconfigure to higher levels of functioning at optimal speed and with minimal overwhelm.

By listening to a less stimulating but profoundly revitalizing CD whenever overwhelm becomes pronounced and acute, the brain is still actively stimulated, but is also given more time and energy to adapt to the previous, stronger stimulus. In addition, the substantial time spent in the precise brainwave patterns shown to most effectively facilitate deep emotional release affords a greater liberation of interior and exterior resistance to optimal adaptation.

By using this form of carrier wave therapy in conjunction with the other elements of iNET, we believe it is no longer necessary to offer a dozen or more meditation levels as other programs do.

In other words, iNET is able to offer several years of transformative stimulation to the brain in just one CD program. (However, if we receive consistent feedback about producing an additional level, we will gladly do so.)