“In times of stress, practice more, not less.” – 10.30.12

In this teleseminar, John Dupuy talks about the different kinds of stress that we encounter in life (such as work and the upcoming holidays) and how to deal with these through our meditative practice.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “I would like to concur with your recommendation to revisit higher, rather than deeper, levels. I’ve been using PMP for a couple of months now and moved fairly quickly to Level 3. In the past, I had used two other entrainment methods, and my progress through PMP 1 to 3 was steady. I’m now back using PMP Level 1 again and find it quite different and a deeper quality of experience this time around. Thank you for the suggestion. My question is, I was constrained for a time one day and went for my usual walk while listening to PMP. You have referred to using the technology whilst walking, but I was not sure if you were talking about PMP or Neuroflow. Would there be a problem using PMP for this situation? Thanks for your help.”

Some announcements in this teleseminar include:

  • PMP 3.0 was formally launched last week and in celebration, there will be a webinar series offered (details are discussed by Pam in this audio).
  • Currently, Digital Euphoria (Special Edition) is given for free when you order Profound Meditation Program (either full spectrum or core).


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