Let us introduce you to the world's first and only bio-energetic audio entrainment system,
a powerful tool that can change your life forever.


•  Experience deep meditation quickly

•  Evolve and deepen your spiritual life

•  Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression

•  Increase your creativity

•  Deepen compassion for yourself and others

Download iAwake Explore - 3 tracks (free) designed to give you a taste of the solutions we provide for relaxation, optimal performance, spiritual development, and healing.


Straight to your being
Portable bodymind experiences made possible

Rhythm is the basic language of nature.

We are constantly being entrained to the many cycles present in life, often without even realizing it.

Imagine using the power of resonance to set your mood
and dial the brainwave states you want.

Think focus, relaxation, creativity, joy...
delivered through a pair of headphones.

Welcome to iAwake.


HeartWave Meditation Album Cover


9 Minutes

Heart opening – relaxation

Profound Meditation 3.0 Full Spectrum from iAwake Technologies


20 Minutes

Experience deep meditation now



9 Minutes

"Genuinely Transformational"

Louis Parsons - Art from the Edge of EverythingI am not easily given to praise, in a world where there seem to be so many answers and cures and remedies. So many people claim to have the perfect solution to our problems. But I have to say, I have found both the use of PMP 2.0 and 3.0 to be genuinely transformational. I don't say this lightly.

I am a full-time business owner and father of a young family. It's felt like energy, focus, and attention are increasingly rare commodities for me as life gets more and more complex! Life and work can be so busy and so demanding of these precious things….

After a year of usage, I can honestly say I have undergone a transformation in the fullest sense of the word. My consciousness has shifted up a level. I am more able to notice when I am distracted or not present with my family. I seem to be more "on the ball" thinking ahead and pre-emotive. Even my wife has commented on this (which is something of a miracle!).

My work has benefited hugely through a greater degree of focused concentration on the task at hand. I feel clearer, calmer, and more alert, and certainly more able to handle challenge than a year ago.

[iAwake] has benefited and evolved my practice, my understanding, and my embodiment of god, life, and the creative impulse. And this is just the beginning!

Thank you iAwake team for this blessing.

~ Louis Parsons

Download the iAwake App or download to your devices

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These are tools you can download to your portable media devices - in other words, take your temple of inner peace wherever you go. Use it before the day starts, while commuting, at your office, before meetings, even in airports or during flights, or for brief, peaceful interludes throughout your busy day, including the final unwind before bed.
Discover the vastness and expansiveness of your own inner world.


Can meditation technology help us?

Absolutely! If you are wondering how long it takes to achieve such peak states, according to experts, it can take from two to three years of intense dedication using traditional methods alone. Perhaps a bit challenging for our complex, modern, busy lives... unless armed with curiosity, willingness, and a pair of headphones!

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To heal the self is to heal the world

iAwake Technologies was founded in 2010 with the mission of helping the world to heal, wake up, and evolve, through creating and offering cutting-edge, transformational technologies and promoting and inspiring their skillful use in our daily lives.




Co-founder and CEO

I suffered from severe depression and emotional trauma, found healing and awakening through the application of this technology - and now use it as a core part of my work as an author, speaker, teacher and business professional.

These audio tracks are not toys or gimmicks, but are serious transformational tools that will help heal your emotional life, deepen your spiritual life, and vastly enhance your creative capacity through dedicated and daily practice.

This is the opportunity, this is the challenge.


Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter

I highly recommend this particular meditation technology in support of our growth as individuals, to help balance our energies, and to deepen our access to our inner wisdom.

The iAwake Technologies tracks work at many levels and the support given to iAwake Technologies practitioners is phenomenal, including free weekly teleseminars for discussion and Q&A.


D.Ed from Harvard University and internationally known authority on Mature Adult Development.

Spontaneous Mindfulness

We design an ever-growing, ever-evolving library of transformational tools that helps millions of people from all walks of life dramatically experience deeper states of joy, peace, creativity, and purpose.