Accelerated Emotional Freedom

Accelerated Emotional Release:

PMP 3.0 is uniquely suited to:

  1. uncovering dysfunctional emotional material (e.g., trauma, attachments, aversions, beliefs, etc.)
  2. penetrating into such issues and interrupting their neurological patterns in a way that facilitates deep release of such material in favor of more harmonious ways of being.

There are several mechanisms we incorporate to achieve this powerful therapeutic and healing effect (see below).



Stimulation Phase:

During the “stimulation” phase of the Primary Meditation Tracks, we use high amplitude Delta states to not only lead the brain and mind down into very deep states of meditation, but also to harness the high-amplitude (i.e., high voltage, high power) nature of the Delta state as a means of gently pushing the brain to release old, incoherent neurological patterns in favor of more complex, efficient, coherent and harmonious patterns.

Because the human nervous system is an open system and thus a dissipative structure, it will not tend to evolve to higher, more complex (and harmonious) stages of development unless the flow of energy streaming through it becomes greater than its present capacity to dissipate that energy. At a certain point—called a bifurcation point—that energy buildup leads to a spontaneous reconfiguration of neurological patterns to more complex and coherent ones able to easily handle and dissipate the energy stream that once threatened the old system. The PMP 3.0 Primary Meditation Tracks are designed to catalyze this process.

Recovery Phase:

Once this energy buildup has been achieved, the PMP 3.0 Releasing Tracks are designed to continue facilitating deep meditation, while also being uniquely gentle, allowing a more pleasurable and inviting experience of releasing such energy, otherwise experienced as sometimes unpleasant emotional memories and reactions.

In our experience the key to spiritual transformation is letting go of everything we are not: our emotional memories, attachments, aversions, identities, opinions, etc. However, this can be quite scary for many people. The Releasing Tracks make this process more fluid and enjoyable and less tumultuous by including brainwave patterns that have been scientifically and clinically associated with deep emotional release: namely, Alpha and Theta.



Stimulation Phase:

The Primary Meditation Tracks use carrier frequencies especially suited for more deeply resonating the brain—particularly the emotional limbic brain—at its resonant frequency. This in turn resonates not only the emotional brain with increased amplitude, but also the unconscious and non-integrated emotional memories that play such a large role in inhibiting further spiritual growth through unconscious identification.

After meditating with these tracks for a certain period of time, such emotional memories, attachments and aversions may tend to arise in conscious awareness in order to be recognized and released. Continued use of the powerful carrier frequencies in the Primary Meditation Tracks will bring you not only to the point just mentioned, but also possibly to acute levels of overstimulation, much like the state of overtraining in weight resistance training. And at such a point, it is time to switch to the Releasing Tracks to address the vital but often ignored Recovery Phase.

Recovery Phase:

The Releasing Tracks then allow you to continue meditating daily once such emotional material and “overstimulation” has surfaced, but with much less overwhelm otherwise associated with such material, or entrainment systems that use protocols that give rise to both pronounced and extended experiences of overwhelm. In terms of carrier frequencies, this is accomplished by using very gentle carriers that still offer effective brainwave entrainment but with much less stimulation or “push” involved.

Some other systems ignore the fact that the human nervous system favors variability of stimulation, which enables it to recover from heavy stimulation cycles. This overlooking of the brain’s intrinsic need for a variety of stimulation (including very low levels of stimulation) usually results in programs that use the same level of stimulation every day until a general sense of “overwhelm” emerges, at which time participants are encouraged to maintain a mindful, “witnessing” consciousness to allow the necessary changes to take place. While this approach does work, it also promotes much unnecessary psychological stress. In addition, this tactic ends up taking longer to engender developmental shifts. (Please see the “Stimulation and Recovery Cycles” section [near the bottom of the page] for more information.)



Stimulation Phase:

PMP 3.0 also makes strategic use of proprietary biofield technology to deliver increased evolutionary driving to the human nervous system and subtle energetic system. Each succeeding Tier of the Primary Meditation Tracks features increased biofield amplitude to not only facilitate deep meditation but encourage the nervous system and subtle energetic system to become accustomed to handling greater levels of energy.

The Primary use a specially designed energetic formula for achieving these purposes. Please see the iAwake Biofield Formulas Chart for more information.

Recovery Phase:

Once your nervous system has reached its Peak Stimulation Phase (in which you may begin to experience the onset of overstimulation), you will now begin meditating only with the Releasing Tracks on a daily basis, until the sense of overtraining has subsided and you’ve been able to easily release any emotional, stress-related material.

The biofield technology embedded in the Releasing Tracks is specifically designed to make this releasing process easy and quite enjoyable. It uses energetic signatures capable of responding to your intention and allowing you to take the releasing process as deep as you care to go. You might think of the biofield energies used in PMP 3.0 (and especially in the Releasing Tracks) as a kind of powerful “spiritual solvent” that will respond to your consciously directed spiritual goals which involve letting go of everything you are not, so as to be what you truly are.