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Our team at iAwake is deeply honored and joyful to release our very first collaboration with legendary EFT teacher and best-selling author, scientist, and visionary, Dawson Church.

A science-based, tested path to heal your wounded heart and awaken your Soul

EcoMeditation is a superior technique that melds the wisdom of traditional meditation with cutting-edge neuroscience to create an extremely powerful and effective path to healing trauma and spiritual awakening.

  • Technology and technique that synergistically uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping) and powerful brainwave entrainment audio technology
  • Use this technique of mindful tapping to heal trauma and promote emotional peace
  • Move beyond your isolated, limited ego self to your expanded self that connects you with the healing and loving essence of the infinitude of the conscious universe


"This is the most extraordinary track I’ve listened to. I love the music. I especially love the combination of adding in tapping. It helped me immensely…” – Jennifer

We are introducing Ecomeditation with a 20% OFF introductory price, good through April 18th!

Available on April 10, 2024, 11AM Eastern Time.