Thanks for helping us test the iAwake App 2.2 and we look forward to your feedback!

To get the iAwake Pro beta app onto your Android phone, we have a few options:

Through the Google Play Store system:

Google requires beta testers have a email address so if you've sent us your Gmail email, you'll receive an invite from the Google Play Store.

Sideloading a .apk:

The other option is to go outside the Google Play Store system by sideloading a .apk directly into your phone. If terms like "sideloading" and ".apk" are new to you, then this option is probably not going to work for you. Let us know if you're comfortable going into Android's developer mode to sideload a .apk file by sending us an email at with the subject line: Android Beta Tester.

As we said in the invitation letter, the main goal of this app version is to make it easy for people who have purchased iAwake tracks to access and play them on their phones and tablets.


Once you load the iAwake app:

  • Try the app without verifying your email. Are the Free tracks still working as expected?
  • Is verifying your email working as it should (hopefully better!) Do let us know if you have issues with verifying your email like the email not being sent, email being delivered to your Spam/Junk folder, email not showing up or any other verification issues.
  • Try the new features like clicking on an "Available" program - is it clear that you do not have access to the program or are you confused as to which programs you own and which programs you don't.

    • You may own some tracks to a program but not all. For instance, you may have bought a special package that contains some but not all of a Program's tracks. Is it clear which tracks you own and can use and which tracks you don't?

  • Are the "Filters" useful? When you click the Search button (the magnifying glass icon when signed in) and then click on a Filter - are the Filters useful. And you can easily see what tracks you own and listen to and which tracks are not available to listen to?
  • Is the app stable? Any crashes while using it or playing tracks?

How to install the iAwake App on your Phone/Tablet:

Providing Feedback

Please let us know about bugs you run into, trouble streaming or downloading or playing, etc.

If there are features we should have that you feel are missing, let us know. They might not make it into this version (or they might) but perhaps into the next one.

  • You can email us at and put in the subject line: iAwake App Beta Testing Feedback. Please use this method if you need to share screenshots or video recordings of problems you've run into.