PMP3 – 3 Tiers of Progressively Increased Stimulation & Activation

  • PMP 3.0’s Primary Meditation Tracks contain the most powerful carrier frequencies available, distributed among three tiers.

  • Biofield entrainment amplitude is also increased on each CD.

  • PMP 3.0 = A progressively increased capacity for driving neural and subtle energetic development

QUESTION: Will these 3-Tiers of progressively increased carrier frequencies be enough to deliver a consistent “push” to my brain for several years?
These tracks are designed to provide you with many years of neural stimulation and growth.

QUESTION: Will these carrier frequencies deliver the same level of neurological “push” that most popular “multi-level” entrainment system uses?
Increased Biofield Amplitude = Even greater push than you’d otherwise expect from just increased carrier frequency alone
Powerful Carrier Frequencies + Biofield Amplitude = The PMP 3.0 Tiers deliver more of a “push” than the popular “levels” they are compared to.
PMP 3.0’s “mix and match” approach allows you to create a listening schedule with a degree of “push” greater than anything we are aware of.
Combines the most powerful “push” with VARIABILITY of stimulation and duration (the missing ingredient)
= More Growth & Less Overwhelm

QUESTION: How does the Biofield Entrainment “push” the nervous system?
ANSWER: Key elements within PMP 3.0’s biofield signals naturally and safely awaken and cultivate the healthy flow of prana and kundalini.
As these energies flow, they in turn cleanse and purify the nervous system, much in the same way that the practice of Yoga is meant to.
High biofield amplitude = high energy flow
High energy flow = greater “push” to the brain and nervous system
The more you let go of your resistance to fully awakening, the less discomfort you’ll feel and the more peace and equanimity you will experience.
Thankfully, the powerful carrier waves inherent in iAwake’s biofield technology are highly responsive to human intention and capable of quickly cutting, like a laser beam, through the chaos of inner resistance, facilitating faster and farther reaching release of blocks to conscious awakening.