Profound Meditation Program 3.0

Welcome to the New Wave in Meditation Technology

Profound Meditation 3.0 provides the smoothest, deepest, richest, most profound meditation experience available anywhere.

  • Establish a daily practice that sticks
  • Enhance your focus, flow, and performance
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Evolve and deepen your spiritual life

The world's most advanced meditation technology
Includes 19 audio tracks, 430 total minutes

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iAwake Technologies has continued their pioneering research into brain/mind sound technology with their latest release of Profound Meditation 3.0.

I've been a fan of their products from the beginning, and I can say that they just keep getting better. So if you’ve never tried binaural beat technology—and especially if you have!—by all means check out their latest.

I think you won’t be disappointed.”

—Ken Wilber, author of Integral Vision, Integral Spirituality and Integral Psychology

Here Are 3 Ways Profound Meditation 3.0 Can Transform
Your Experience of Meditation . . . And Your Life

1 Realize deeper states of clarity, freedom,
and insight—more consistently

If you’ve struggled with traditional meditation or starting a meditation practice—or if you already have a practice but feel that you’ve been “stuck” on the same level for too long—Profound Meditation can make your meditation sessions more powerful, blissful, more... there.

The more you feel it “working,” the more motivated you’ll feel to meditate. And the more you meditate, the more you’ll feel the benefits ripple throughout your life. As one user put it, Profound Meditation turns your discipline into a “blissicipline.”

woman meditating

smiling man with bright, joyful eyes and content expression

2 Dissolve difficult emotions, improve your psychological resilience

As the Buddha said, “Life involves suffering.” In other words, everyone experiences stress, anxiety, frustration, fear, pain, and sadness at times. If you’re a human being, there’s no way around that. But how we deal with suffering is up to us.

The more we practice meditation, the easier it becomes to face stressful situations and process difficult emotions. Profound Meditation is designed to help us let go of negativity and live life with greater lightness, flexibility, resilience, and joy.

3 Accelerate your personal growth,
realize your higher potentials

We all have unique capacities and gifts that are just waiting to bloom. Perhaps for you that’s a writing or artistic talent. Or a gift for empathy and healing. Or it might even include esoteric abilities such as intuition, lucid dreaming, and mystical union.

Profound Meditation supports self-actualization by cultivating brainwave and biofield states that have been found in advanced meditators, peak performers, and creative geniuses. This includes the elusive “Evolved Mind” brainwave pattern discovered by C. Maxwell Cade.

smiling woman playing amplified acoustic guitar in front of a microphone

I've been using your product for several months. I started using shortly after I ended a 7 year business relationship. It was a very stressful time in my life. Yet, with the help of your program, I felt more relaxed and centered than normal. I find that I am more focused on peace, and better able to resolve conflicts during intense negotiations. I find that when problems arise, I tend to just breathe, re-center myself, and start thinking of creative solutions. My progress in the gym also seemed to accelerate and I believe there is a correlation. I find that I am sleeping better through the night, and more awake and alert during the day."

—Michael Halbfish


How Does Profound Meditation Compare to Traditional Meditation?

One important feature of the Profound Meditation Program is that we don’t claim that listening to our audio tracks is a replacement for traditional meditation. Rather, it is a way of enhancing your meditation practice, making meditation not only easier and more enjoyable, but also more efficient and effective.

Some people worry that they might be “cheating” by using this technology, as if they are not “really meditating.” But if you think about it, that would mean that riding a bicycle rather than walking is “cheating.” Or using a cell phone or email to communicate with a friend on the other side of the world is “cheating.”

We believe that technology can be used in a wise and balanced way to improve our lives. That’s why we recommend using Profound Meditation in conjunction with your preferred meditation technique. That could involve breath awareness, witnessing, visualization, mantra, or any other form. In our User Guide, we provide simple meditation instructions that anyone can follow.

What really impressed me is that PMP 3.0 doesn’t interfere with what I experience during regular zen-practice. To put in words what I experienced maybe I can say that your tracks allowed for greater freedom and even supported the meditative experience of an adept practitioner not only in a chair but also on a cushion whereas any other track I tested before was good in a chair but had to be switched-off on a cushion. Congratulations. PMP 3.0 really is a great step in brainwave entrainment.”

—Alexander Leuthold, Dipl. Psych.

Buddhist monk in orange robes meditating

What About Other “Brainwave Entrainment” Programs?

illustration of human brain inside the body and skeleton of a man

If you’re familiar with the term “brainwave entrainment,” you know that there are many programs that use the principle of “binaural beats” to induce or “entrain” alpha, theta, and delta brainwave states, which are associated with meditative awareness.

Profound Meditation 3.0 is not your ordinary brainwave entrainment program. We go beyond binaural beats by incorporating multiple layers of proprietary entrainment technologies, energy therapies, psycho-acoustic techniques and dynamic brainwave patterns to support a more natural meditation experience—decreasing the “overwhelm” effect sometimes associated with earlier brainwave entrainment programs.

Our soundtracks also include our unique and powerful Biofield Entrainment Technology—something no one else is doing—a cutting-edge development integrating digital encoding with the emerging field of Energy Medicine. That’s why we believe we can offer you the most advanced meditation technology available at this time.

Less push, awesome pull. I've never stuck with any of the other programs because they didn't feel natural, i.e., my brain was being pushed into a state that didn't necessary correspond to the one that was needed at the time, and my mind doesn't like being pushed. PMP 2.0 was already better than anything out there (not only) in that regard, but 3.0 is in a different league. I can only describe this in terms of feeling: With 3.0, I feel invited to go where I need to go. Close to perfect.”

—Carsten Christiani


Seriously. Just track one is the best entrainment track I've ever experienced….Track one has consistently put me in a "no-mind" state, and I notice the soothing effects within 7 or 8 minutes (I start to vibrate and tingle!). I'm blown away…I have already had amazing results in using it for soul-searching and problem solving. I've discovered it's best not to practice or think about anything until several minutes of simply focusing on the entirety of the sounds. Then I find I am in a wonderful place to implement practices. Thank you Eric, Pam, and John. I can't say enough good things :D This package is truly an incredible deal…"

—Sach Shabad Singh

It’s like putting on my tights and cape; I just soar out the door totally focused and ready for anything. Unstoppable."

—Francis Murphy

How Does Profound Meditation Work?

woman with headphones, illustration of neurotransmitter

When you sit down and press play, you’ll be immersed in a multi-layered soundscape of rich and soothing sonic textures. It’s a very pleasant audio experience, but it’s not like music or even white noise. (Don't worry, there are no new-agey harps or synthesizers that get boring.) People say the overall experience feels psycho-active, like gradually entering a deeper dimension of awareness.

Under the surface, multiple layers of both audible and inaudible tones, frequencies and energies will be working synergistically with your brain and biofield, opening up new neural pathways, nudging existing ones and facilitating profound coherence in your biofield and energetic system. Like exercise equipment at the gym, the iAwake technology is giving your brain a gentle workout, leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed, providing coherence in the OUTER, so you can master the INNER. And it gets better the more you use it.

C. Maxwell Cade
C. Maxwell Cade, discoverer of the "Evolved Mind" brainwave pattern

The science behind Profound Meditation draws on the work of numerous consciousness researchers, from Dr. Jeffrey Thompson to Rupert Sheldrake to Dr. Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum, and many more, including the emerging work of iAwake Co-Founder Eric Thompson.

One important scientist, C. Maxwell Cade, was a pioneer in the development of biofeedback and is well known in meditation circles for discovering the “Awakened Mind” brainwave pattern. However, it is less well recognized that he discovered another, more advanced pattern he referred to as the “Evolved Mind” pattern.

Using the Mind Mirror (a unique EEG machine he developed) Cade saw an exceptional balance of high-amplitude Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta activity in the brains of highly seasoned meditators and spiritual aspirants. This "Evolved Mind" pattern appeared during subjective reports of unconditional joy, bliss, and expansive awareness, suggesting that it could act as a bridge, integrating the conscious mind with the subconscious and unconscious minds, as well as the collective unconscious, in a unified flow.

The biofield signals in our Primary, Releasing and Epsilon meditation tracks contain this Evolved Mind brainwave pattern. As such, not only will you experience the target brainwave patterns facilitated by the auditory entrainment signals in these tracks, but you will also enjoy a full spectrum of precisely tuned biofield entrainment signals, resulting in a more powerful and well-rounded overall experience.

The Profound Meditation Program is Designed To Help You:

  • Increase Your Energy & Flow: Getting into the "zone" will come more easily, you will have more vigor for both work and play, and your other practices (sports, yoga, weight training) will be more engaging and powerful.
  • Enjoy Effortless Focus: Put an end to the feeling of constant distraction. Instead, cultivate laser-like focus in your projects and deep presence in your life.
  • Recover Quickly from Stress: Fortify your brainwave and biofield patterns to respond with greater confidence and ease to whatever life throws at you.
  • Discover How Easy it is to Meditate: You don't need to be a Himalayan monk or recite secret mantras to experience the profound benefits of meditation. Simply put on your headphones, press play, sit quietly, breathe, and listen.
  • Experience Deep and More Restful Sleep: Do you often wake up groggy and miserable? Are you tired of being tired all the time? See what a difference it makes in your sleep quality when your brain learns how to truly and deeply relax on a regular basis.
Profound Meditation Program 3.0 - Full Spectrum

The level of entrainment has been been the most gentle and powerful I have ever experienced. I have experienced deeper states of meditation with a sense of profound centering, calming and true meaningful spiritual communion. The entire PMP 3.0 system contains more than enough power to allow for my evolution for years to come."
—Jeff Pendergrast, M.D.

The Profound Meditation 3.0 "Full Spectrum" Program Includes:

Profound Meditation - Full Spectrum Profound Meditation - Core Profound Meditation 3.0 - Primary Meditation Tiers 1, 2 and 3 CDs

Primary Meditation Tracks

3 CDs • 9 × 20-Minute Tracks • 180 Minutes Total

The Primary Meditation tracks are designed to provide a lasting foundation for your transformative daily meditation practice.

Primary Meditation is divided into 3 Tiers of Progressive Stimulation, empowering you to benefit from the latest research in neuroscience showing that the human nervous system responds best to dynamic and highly variable levels of stimulation. The result: increased mental, emotional, and spiritual coherence and well-being.

Scalable to 20-minute sessions, these tracks employ a fully integrated multi-faceted approach to brainwave and biofield entrainment, including: Comprehensive Binaural Encoding, Dual-Pulse Binaural Signals, Harmonic Layering, Rhythmic Panning, Temporal Entrainment, and Energetic (Biofield) Entrainment.

Mix and match tracks for the level of stimulation needed and desired on any given day. In other words, this is not a linear system in which you progress from “level 1” to “level 2” to “level 3” and so on. Rather, the entire program packs enough “evolutionary push” to last for many years, letting you scale and adjust your usage as you grow and flow in your practice.

Profound Meditation 3.0 - Releasing Meditation CD

Releasing Meditation Tracks

1 CD • 3 × 20-Minute Tracks • 60 Minutes Total

In our 24/7, always-on, “go go go” culture, it’s important to remember that our natural biological rhythm is more of an “ebb and flow.” Great athletes know that the “recovery phase” is just as important as the “training phase”—and the same holds for meditation.

Releasing Meditation provides your brain and body the time they need to integrate and rest between periods of more intensive meditation. This decreases the “overwhelm” associated with other entrainment programs and “hyper-masculine” approaches to spiritual development in general.

Additionally, the Releasing tracks evoke the brainwave patterns scientifically correlated with deep emotional release—including the powerful “Effortless EFT” (Emotional Freedom Technique) method.

Use these tracks whenever you feel a sense of “rawness” or “edginess” beginning to creep into your meditation experience, or when you feel the need to process emotional issues and energies that arise as you deepen your consciousness.

Martin J. Schoen, Psy.D.

Regarding the Releasing Tracks, I’ve used them on days when I’ve felt overwhelmed or had 'brain fatigue' during the initial period of using the Primary Tracks. They are wonderful for bringing on a deep meditation yet without the intensity of the Primary Tracks; I feel refreshed throughout the day afterward. That said, I soon feel a pull to meditate with the Primary Tracks for the following day! (I am looking forward to using the Epsilon and Gamma/Hyper-Gamma soon, but I have felt that the Primary Tracks are so powerful that I’m not ready to take them on yet.)

When compared to other binaural beat programs, I believe that the development and inclusion of the Releasing Tracks is just brilliant and a major advantage of PMP! I have recommended PMP to clients more readily because I know they can not only start slow with 20 minute tracks, but also take “a break” with the Releasing Tracks yet continue to have help achieving a deep meditation. For the few clients of mine that have used both, they have also found they like PMP over Holosync.”

—Martin J. Schoen, Psy.D.

  Profound Meditation 3.0 - Epsilon CD

Epsilon Meditation

1 CD • 3 × 20-Minute Tracks • 60 Minutes Total

There is deep, and then there is deep. Though the brainwave patterns on the Primary Meditation Tracks go as low as 0.3 Hz—which is truly deep enough for advanced spiritual growth—some of us really would like to go as deep as possible in meditation.

For those of you who share this aspiration, the Epsilon Program takes you there. The frequencies on these tracks range from 0.1 Hz to 0.001 Hz. As far as we know, these are the deepest brainwave frequencies available anywhere.

Why would you want to take your meditation practice to the very limits? Maybe just because you can. But also, there is evidence to suggest that these ultra-low frequency brainwave patterns can act as carriers for some of the ultra-fast frequencies found in highly advanced meditators and associated with extraordinary experiences and insights.

The Epsilon tracks are thus one of the most experimental and cutting-edge aspects of the overall Profound Meditation Program. The feedback so far from early adopters has been phenomenal, and we invite to join us in the adventure.

Use these tracks to supplement, extend, deepen, and add even greater dynamic variability to your Primary Meditation.

Well I've had some of the deepest ever with Epsilon including full blown mystical experiences. Very deep, and yet I stay perfectly awake 90% of the time, even to Epsilon.”

—Jamie Bazil

NOTE: In order to facilitate very deep brainwave states for as long as possible, the Epsilon CD does not contain a "ramp" that descends from the Beta brainwave pattern to the Epsilon pattern, a method that is generally recommended for optimal entrainment. Instead, Track 1 from the Primary Meditation Tracks (or possibly some similar "ramping" track from other entrainment programs) should be used as a ramping track prior to meditating with Epsilon.

Profound Meditation 3.0 - Gamma/Hyper-Gamma CD

Gamma & Hyper-Gamma Meditation

1 CD • 3 × 20-Minute Tracks • 60 Minutes Total

Extraordinary focus. Accelerated information processing. Expansive compassion. These are some of the qualities that have been associated with high-amplitude Gamma brainwave activity (40-99 Hz) in advanced meditators while practicing Tibetan Buddhist Loving-Kindness Meditation.

Consciousness researcher Dr. Jeffrey Thompson found activity even faster than this, which he referred to as Hyper-Gamma (100 – 199 Hz) and correlated this state with extraordinary states of consciousness and spiritual development.

The Gamma & Hyper-Gamma Program is designed to stimulate these ultra-activated brainwave states. By substituting the Gamma & Hyper-Gamma Program for your Primary Meditation sessions every 3rd or 4th day, for example, you’ll not only add refreshing new energy to your weekly practice, but also create a truly full-spectrum spiritual practice that includes all of the major brainwave patterns: Hyper-Gamma, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Epsilon.

On my train ride home in the afternoon, I've been using the Gamma tracks as I read. Again, deep entrainment, strong focus, this is the most powerful entrainment I've had while not meditating.”

—Matthew Nicholl

Bonus! Digital Euphoria Special Edition

Bonus! Digital Euphoria Special Edition

Bonus! Digital Euphoria Special Edition

1 Bonus Track • 70 Minutes

The bonus Digital Euphoria Special Edition session is a set of precise frequencies associated with the brainwave patterns and energetic signatures of euphoria, endorphins, serotonin and Chi—with effects similar to the famed “runner’s high.” This Special Edition version differs from the original in that it was originally specially commissioned by Integral Life, and developed as one continous track.

Note: Only available as a digital download for all Profound Meditation 3.0 "Full Spectrum" and "Core" Program purchase options.

Profound Meditation 3.0 - User Guide

User Guide

The Profound Meditation Program comes with a 32-page user guide to help you get started quickly and get the most out of the program over time. The guide includes: quick start instructionscore meditation instructionsa rich section on emotional releasing techniques • sample “mix & match” strategies for combining tracks effectively • technical support on creating personal playlists • links to additional resources, and more.

Note: The Profound Meditation Program 3.0 does not contain guided meditations. Instead, it contains nature soundtracks integrated with cutting-edge neurotechnology and biofield energy medicine to precision-tune your brain, nervous system, and subtle energetic system to deep, transformative states of meditation.


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Profound Meditation Facebook Forum

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Comprehensive Written Materials

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The best way to describe it is that I now have a groomer, cleaner, personal trainer, secretary, accountant, mentor, coach, etc. all visibly acting around the periphery as well as the nooks and crannies of my life, all gently making contributions to improve the overall. This to me represents real change, as it should be an evolution rather than a revolution. PMP 3 is an evolutionary LEAP forward, a testament to your obvious dedication to provide one of the best tools for the assisted development of "a complete human being" that so many of us aspire to. You're turning dreams into capacity and potential to reality."

—Francis Murphy

I am not easily given to praise, in a world where there seem to be so many answers and cures and remedies. So many people claim to have the perfect solution to our problema. But I have to say, I have found both the use of PMP 2.0 and 3.0 to be genuinely transformational. I don't say this lightly.

I am a full time business owner and father of a young family. Its felt like Energy, focus, and attention are increasingly rare commodities for me as life gets more and more complex! Life and work can be so busy and so demanding of these precious things….

After a year of usage I can honestly say I have undergone a transformation in the fullest sense of the word. My conciousness has shifted up a level. I am more able to notice when I am distracted or not present with my family. I seem to be more "on the ball" thinking ahead and pre-emotive. Even my wife has commented on this (which is something of a miracle!)

My work has benefited hugely through a greater degree of focused concentration at the task in hand. Often when I'm writing content I'll listen to deep euphoria or more recently, sattva, and it energises my work. I feel clearer, calmer and more alert, and certainly more able to handle challenge than over a year ago.

It [PMP] has benefited and evolved my practise, my understanding and my embodiment of god, life and the creative impulse. And this is just the beginning!

Thank you iAwake team for this blessing.

Louis Parsons


Exclusive Biofield Entrainment Technology from iAwake Technologies

illustration of torsion fieldsPMP 3.0 features a unique and exclusive biofield entrainment technology that incorporates cutting-edge developments in information medicine and energy medicine.

This exciting new development differentiates our work from most other brainwave entrainment companies, which principally rely upon sound for their effects. In addition, our biofield technology is produced using a proprietary amplification process, making it, in our experience, the most powerful biofield technology available in digital format.

Our Mission: At the Evolving Edge of Meditation Technology

iAwake biofield

iAwake Technologies is committed to bringing together the incredible advances in neuroscience, energy medicine, and peak performance training with the ancient contemplative practices that have powered our human spiritual evolution for millennia.

We are constantly researching, experimenting, and innovating.

We believe that the most fruitful, profound, and transformative areas of spiritual practice today are those attempting to integrate the best of the ancient paths with the best of modern science and technology.

We want to help fuel a revolution in human consciousness and creativity. To that end, our goal is to bring meditation into the modern world.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the Profound Meditation Program, just send us an email within 90 days, and we will very gladly and courteously refund your money. Your continued satisfaction and well-being is of great importance to us, and we are always looking for ways to serve you more effectively.


Optimize Your Brain for Integrated Body-Mind-Spirit Living


PMP 3.0 Core with Bonus Digital Euphoria Special Edition
“Core" Program

If you’d like to begin with the core components only (includes Primary & Releasing Meditation, but does not include Epsilon & Gamma).

Value = $468 $177
Instant Download

CDs = $237
(Includes Instant Download)
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PMP 3.0 Full Spectrum with Bonus Digital Euphoria Special Edition
“Full Spectrum” Program

The Profound Meditation 3.0 “Full Spectrum” Program includes:

  • Primary Meditation: 9 tracks, 180 minutes ($351 value)
  • Releasing Meditation: 3 tracks, 60 minutes ($117 value)
  • Epsilon Meditation: 3 tracks, 60 minutes ($117 value)
  • Gamma & HyperGamma Meditation: 3 tracks,
    60 minutes ($117 value)
  • Bonus! Digital Euphoria Special Edition: 1 track,
    70 minutes ($37 value)
  • 19 Tracks, 430 minutes Total—plus our 32-page
    User Manual
  • Instant download, or CDs shipped to your home or office
  • $739 worth of audio tracks, if purchased separately

Price when purchased separately = $739 Your Price: $227
Instant Download

CDs = $297
(Includes Instant Download)
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PMP 3.0 Epsilon and Gamma/Hyper-Gamma Bundle
Epsilon & Gamma

If you’d like Epsilon & Gamma only. This is for those who already own Profound Meditation's 3.0 (or earlier) "Core" Program.

Value = $234 $97
Instant Download

CDs = $127
(Includes Instant Download)
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