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NeuroFlowTM is a series of releases from iAwake Technologies representing an exciting new breakthrough in neural and biofield entrainment technology. Though the Profound Meditation Program comprises the basis and main focus for the meditation practices we recommend, this new series will perfectly complement your work with PMP.

The focus of this series is to facilitate transformative flow-states and help you flourish, grow and evolve in today’s turbulent but exciting times.

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The fourth NeuroFlow download/CD to be released is Audio Serenity - A Drug-Free Digital Vacation from Stress & Anxiety. This profoundly relaxing recording:

  • Features a 61-min suite of profoundly soothing, enveloping and healing nature sounds 
  • Is suited for extraordinary massage, deep relaxation and effortless meditation
  • Offers quick and lasting stress-relief
  • Contains the subtle energetic frequencies of endogenous opiates, the brain's natural pain-killers
  • Features the brainwave patterns of profound comfort, ease and relaxation 
  • Can be enjoyed with or without headphones (Note: When used with headphones, the entrainment effect is stronger due to the unique embedded signals.)
  • Uses what we believe to be the most advanced and effective neural entrainment technology available
  • The invigorating biofield entrainment frequencies of deep calm, effortless meditation and bliss


Because of our unique and powerful biofield entrainment technology embedded in the Audio Serenity program, you will experience far more than just a relaxing brainwave pattern (which is what most conventional brain entrainment programs offer), you'll feel a subtle energetic field enveloping your entire body, often experienced as a refreshing cool breeze or tingling warmth against the surface of the skin.

This stress-melting download/CD can be used to . . .

  • Create profoundly relaxing and calming energy fields in any environment
  • Significantly deepen your massage and meditation sessions
  • Help instill deep rapture and relaxation during meditation
  • Complement your work with Profound Meditation Program by enjoying the stress-relieving, rejuvenative states of consciousness facilitated with this CD
  • Release fatigue after work or during your lunch break.
  • Let go of negativity easily
  • Experience a deeply relaxing natural high
  • Release emotional stress
  • Effectively reduce your stress levels and enjoy more peace of mind on a daily basis


Free Meditation Downloads

61 Minutes of Pure and Deep Relaxation

Free Meditation Downloads

Audio Serenity

Digital Download $37 CD & Download $47

Free Meditation Downloads

Three Ways To Enjoy Audio Serenity:

  1. Play Audio Serenity at a comfortable volume through loudspeakers in the background: Your whole environment will be infused with the subtle energetic frequencies of profound relaxation.
  2. Listen to Audio Serenity with headphones: Because of the unique entrainment signals embedded in this program, listening to it with headphones as a meditation will penetrate deeply into your experience of stress, leaving a sense of relief that will last long into the day.
  3. Play Audio Serenity silently WITH NO VOLUME: Yes, that's right! You might find yourself in a situation when you'd like to enjoy the peaceful emanations of Audio Serenity, but it's inappropriate to be wearing ear buds or listening to music. No Problem! Simply place Audio Serenity on "repeat" on your MP3 player, then turn the volume down to zero and don't worry about using your ear buds at all. Due to the powerful biofield (subtle energetic) entrainment technology contained in Audio Serenity, it will emanate a deeply relaxing energy field even at zero volume! Some people are more able to consciously detect this energy field than others, but your body and biofield will still register and benefit from it nonetheless.


Neural Entrainment Technology

Audio Serenity features a number of unique neural entrainment methodologies, including:

  • Dual-Pulse Binaural Signals (Exclusive to iAwake)
  • Harmonic Box V Signals (Exclusive to iAwake)
  • Harmonic Layering
  • Isochronic Entrainment


Biofield Entrainment Technology

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Audio Serenity also features a unique biofield entrainment technology infused with energetic frequencies associated with:

  • the brain's natural pain-killers - endogenous opiates
  • profound relaxation
  • deep stress-reduction
  • inner comfort
  • soothing calm
  • effortless meditation

When played, Audio Serenity emits an energetic field that influences your biofield to induce tangible states of bliss and peace.


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How You Can Easily Amplify Audio Serenity's Biofield Transmission

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Audio Serenity

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What makes the NeuroFlow Series standout from other programs is not simply the powerful flow-states they facilitate, but how long their effects last throughout the day.

Free Meditation Downloads

61 Minutes of Pure and Deep Relaxation

Free Meditation Downloads


Digital Download $37 CD & Download $47

Free Meditation Downloads


1. What I've liked most about Audio Serenity - putting my iphone under my pillow (set to Flight Mode, low volume and repeat) and having Audio Serenity play through the night. That makes for a beautiful soundscape during the night, and most noticeably, I wake up feeling peaceful and balanced - contrary to the past couple of weeks, which had me waking up rather full of resistance (lots of stuff happening that's being very good at the 'disguise' part of being a 'blessing in disguise'...)

2. In general, AS is working very well for me when it comes to releasing resistance (listening to it during meditation or working, both w/ headphones), and I've found resistance especially hard to let go of by means of meditation (w/ or w/o PMP), Sedona Method etc. I used to go into a loop of resisting my resistance, and, of course, resisting THAT resistance as well, and the whole process around it. AS seems to help a lot in interrupting that loop and making space for the release to happen.

3. Finally & most remarkably, AS has worked even though I couldn't summon up the energy to set much of an intention, to really meditate (as opposed to falling asleep), and despite the general cynicism I was feeling about all and any tools available for getting back into the flow at the time I started to listen to AS.

Kind regards,


I have never come across a brainwave entrainment product that had such a profound effect on my subtle body energies as Audio [Serenity]. The first time I listened to this program I did a lying down meditation for the full hour. My body felt fully alive with energy; not the energy associated with the gross body, but subtle body energy. I felt this energy throughout the rest of the day and was able to easily get it back by listening to the track without headphones. I would just have the track playing in the background around the house and easily got back in touch with the subtle energy field.

The second time I used Audio [Serenity] as a meditation I did it as I would Profound Meditation, sitting on my meditation cushion. Unlike meditation using the Profound Meditation or Release tracks (which feel much deeper consciously), Audio [Serenity] felt like a complete mind/body meditation. I could not get as deep in meditation but it felt like a more balanced mind and body and spirit meditation than with PMP. This was great for working on circulating energy using the Microcosmic Orbit (a body practice from Integral Life Practice). So this is what I did for the last 15 minutes of the meditation. By the end of the meditation I felt as if I was on cloud 9, I just felt so light and free. I am very grateful to Eric and John for making this available as another great addition to the Profound Meditation Program.

Much Love,

Professional use as as yoga teacher: I used it last weekend in a restorative yoga wellness retreat I led as the background music for our practices & meditation.  The students noticed how deeply relaxed they were physically, refreshed emotionally and how easy the meditations were. Which was fantastic as it was as I had promised they'd feel at the end of the retreat!

So here's the funny story:  I used it as background music when the IRS auditor came to our house to do a tax audit. I wasn't sure how it would affect her, but she left here seemingly serene and uninterested in diving too deeply into our case!  No kidding, she would ask a few questions, seem content with the most basic of answers, and left in under 2 hours saying she thought everything was fine.  Of course, that could just be her way, but I tend to think she was feeling pretty relaxed & happy by the time she left.

I look forward to experimenting more with this recording and plan to recommend it to my students when it comes out.


Very powerful track.

First time I heard it was while working on my computer. It was so powerful I had to stop and lie down to be able to contain the blissful sensations. A little like taking MDMA :-)

It also has powerful effects when listened to without headphones, on a very low volume.

Very impressive. A bit scary even...

Both with and without headphones, I noticed that:

  • it helped me get into the zone while working... highly improving the flow of my work and my concentration
  • it made me enjoy the moment and feel really good
  • my body would spontaneously release its tensions from time to time
  • I would always get into a more relaxed state of mind
  • sometimes I also felt a healing attitude coming from my heart

I've also used it with headphones when feeling some stress from my main meditation and, most times, it dissolved that stress considerably, helping me concentrate when otherwise I wouldn't be able to.

In the past few days I came to the conclusion that one of the best ways to use this is to have it always playing in iTunes while working.

On one occasion I used this during a Shiatsu session and both the therapist and myself felt it had really improved the atmosphere of that session.  Also the therapist told me she felt at one point a stream of energy going up through her body and that she had never felt that before!  :)

In the past I've listened to dozens of soundtracks for focusing and relaxing, but this one has become my favorite.

Warm regards,
Andre Lima

I have to say I really like it. It definitely has a state changing effect that I would describe as calming and harmonizing. My impression also was that it seems to facilitate  state changing efforts. The sound is pleasant and can be listened to for hours in the background without being perceived as disturbing while reading or having a conversation. It also did not interfere with highly concentrative tasks, if volume is low.

Used in the silent mode it made me sleep for an hour although I only planned on a short nap. I wouldn‘t call it addictive but I certainly used it more often than any other of your tracks in the first 10 days after the download.


I gotta tell you, Audio Serenity is just plain ass awesome! It's the perfect companion piece to the Profound Meditation Program. I put it on first thing in the morning while I do my morning "futz" before I do my first 40 minutes of PMP and keep in on through breakfast. Gives me a very mellow start to my day.

I've also tried the silent left pocket buds off treatment and like it. Almost feels like the whispering pines on a mountain hike. And, while I'm riding my bike, parts of Audio Serenity spontaneously go through my mind.

Finally, since my girlfriend has been out of country for the last couple of weeks, I did not get my massage yet, but I did have a long, hot, soothing bath with AudioSerenity on with ear buds and felt immediate calm. Audio Serenity is definitely a keeper!


Meditation with iAwake Technologies' Audio Serenity is an opportunity to directly experience the profound balance of deep absorptive relaxation and bright, open aliveness as an embodied natural state available without effort. I deeply appreciate the experience of anchoring awareness in vast calm and vividly neutral ease within minutes.

The track is sonically beatific and rich, like a fine, rare wine, constructed in the attentional field of a master vintner. Eric Thompson has elevated his art once again, and has created an authentically new form for aligning with our kosmic birthright -- serene, imperturbable Presence.

Julia Sati