iAwake presents:

The Virtual Vision Quest

A 5-Day Live Online Experience to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom, Find Your Purpose & Be of Greater Service in the World

with John Dupuy
Vision Quest Guide & CEO of iAwake Technologies

Winter 2023

Only 200 spots

John Dupuy
CEO, iAwake Technologies
Author, Integral Recovery

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Maria Stefani - atmoanu@gmail.com

"It has been an opening experience. So good I could be part of the group and be held in it. It allowed me to make friends with the process. Now I can go deeper. For sure I know that now I can set up a container to connect and pray for clarity and hope the vision will arise."  ~ Maria Stefani

“The vision quest was a deeply beautiful experience for me. It was a huge reminder that when you take time to focus your attention on deep questions, and when you actually believe, then the answers will come.” ~ Scott Colin

“I very much enjoyed being coached in a group by a master of vision quests—John's energy came over directly in live meetings and when it was recorded, wow! I am still listening to the VisionQuest tracks and they are getting more powerful every day. I truly feel more grounded than ever, even with all that's going on energetically.” ~ Susanne Rose