Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 | 10AM PDT

The Power of The Vision Quest:

How to Quickly Access Inner Guidance & Support

(Especially in Times of Chaos and Change)

with John Dupuy, Co-Founder of iAwake Technologies

misty at sunset of hot day on Moni Agias Varvaras Roussanou on top of rock Meteora, Greece

Here is what we will be exploring:

  • Why the modern Vision Quest is important at this time, and how anyone can have this life-changing experience -- even while at home
  • ​How mystics, sages, spiritual seekers and ordinary folk are able to tap into greater sources of insight, healing and power
  • ​Simple audio tracks and tools that you can use to drop into deep states of meditation and connection without years of practice


Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 | 10AM PST

Only 200 spots

John Dupuy
CEO, iAwake Technologies
Author, Integral Recovery

What You Will Learn On This FREE Live Webinar:

The Exact Process to do a Vision Quest from the Comfort of Your Home

In this call we will look at how our ancestors used the Vision Quest at specific times of initiation and when there was a need to get guidance... and how you can use the same methods in the modern world because it is built into our DNA.

How the Brain Changes When You Do a Vision Quest Journey

There are very specific states that your brain goes through when you do deep meditation and journey work. We will walk through the art and science of achieving an altered state of consciousness that has been backed by modern research.

The Secrets to Dropping into Deep Meditative States

Through specific audio tracks it is possible to quickly attain consciousness states that in the past would have taken years and years of practice. By simply using this technology and placing an intent you can get the same results in much less time.