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John Dupuy, Jonathan Robinson and the iAwake Team

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About The Near Death Experience

The Near Death Experience is an upcoming guided meditation program infused with brainwave entrainment designed to safely have a life-transforming near-death experience.

This meditation is created by Jonathan Robinson, The Oprah Winfrey Show guest, public speaker, and best-selling author of the following books:

  • Find Happiness Now: 50 Shortcuts for Bringing More Love Into Your Life 
  • More Love, Less Conflict: A Communication Playbook for Couples by Jonathan Robinson
  • The Technology of Joy: The 101 Best Apps, Gadgets, Tools and Supplements for Feeling More Delight in Your Life
  • The Little Book of Big Questions: 200 Ways to Explore Your Spiritual Nature
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Awakening Your Spirituality and more.

Jonathan developed this meditation from a near-death experience he had, triggered by a serious car crash. This experience was deeply transformative and he wondered if there was a way to help others have a similar experience--minus the car crash, injuries and months of recovery.

As a professional speaker, Robinson gradually developed a 30-minute guided experience that actually worked. It was so profound that Fortune 500 companies ranging from Microsoft and Google to FedEx and Coca-Cola hired him to "induce" this experience in their employees. After going through such an experience, people reported feeling more joy and gratitude for life, more aligned with their values, and a clearer sense of purpose.

The Near Death Experience is supported by iAwake's entrainment technology developed by Douglas Prater, iAwake Technologies' Chief Technology Officer and Communications Director. 

The soundtrack for Near Death Experience was composed to and engineered to support, enrich, and deepen the meditation by guiding the listener\'s brainwaves and physiological responses into a series of consciousness-altering states supporting transformative experience.

Using a powerful combination of brainwave entrainment modalities and psychoacoustic techniques, the soundscape facilitates states of profound states of inner peace, clarity, self-compassion, forgiveness, love, release, and spontaneous insight.

The consciousness-altering technologies used in the soundscape include:

  • Harmonically layered binaural encoding - multiple layers of binaural entrainment at harmonically related frequencies
  • Frequency-filtered isochronic pulses for a powerful but pleasant entrainment effect
  • Spatial binaural encoding of music and low-volume white noise for a natural, full-frequency entrainment response
  • Psychoacoustic Resonance in the overtones of the musical bed to promote a natural state of well-being
  • Rhythmic Contralateral Modulation Entrainment to strengthen communication between the brain\'s hemispheres and increase receptivity to non-ordinary, whole-brain insight

The brainwave frequencies used in this program were carefully chosen to support the various mental/psychological/spiritual states that best complement each track and section, to create a holistic and potential life-altering experience. At different stages of the meditation, as well as the introductory and follow-up tracks, frequencies of 10 Hz (Alpha), 5 Hz (Deep Theta), and 7.84 (Alpha-Theta border, Schumann Resonance) are targeted to facilitate your journey and the integration of its lessons into your life.

The Near Death Experience Product Launch

As part of launching the Near Death Experience program, we are hosting a Free Online Live Workshop that will be facilitated by Jonathan Robinson on March 21st, 2019 at 9pm EST/6pm PST. He'll be joined by Doug Prater and John Dupuy, iAwake Technologies' CEO. After this free event, we will offer Near Death Experience on March 25th along with other bonuses to those who registered for the event at a discounted price.

You will earn a 40% Commission on every sale made after the event. Our affiliate program is powered by cookies that track clicks, opt-ins and sales for 1 year so sales made after the launch will be credited to your account. Our average EPC (earnings per click) is $5 and our top performers go up to $10 EPC.

As your work complements the work we're doing, we're confident that Near Death Experience will enhance your community's experience. We'd love for you to join us in spreading the word about this event!

If you have any questions, please email Louie Santos, iAwake's Partners Manager at: louie (@) iawaketechnologies.com



Louie Santos, Jonathan Robinson, John Dupuy, Doug Prater and the iAwake Team

The Near Death Experience Launch Calendar

March 2019

The NDE Launch Calendar


March 7th - March 20th: Mailing Window for The Near Death Experience Free, Live Online Workshop with Jonathan Robinson

March 21st: Free Live Online Workshop with Jonathan Robinson

March 23rd: Workshop Replay

March 25th - April 2nd: Near Death Experience Program Launch


40% or $38.8 per sale

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