Integral Recovery

Integral Recovery is a bold new approach to the treatment of alcoholism and addiction. We say “totally new” not because it breaks with other approaches past or present, but because it unites—or integrates—them, preserving what is best of existing modalities, while negating their weaknesses.

At the core of Integral Recovery is Integral Recovery Practice, a sophisticated system of personal development that is specifically designed for those in recovery, which engages body, mind, heart, and spirit to produce extraordinary health and awakening on all levels of our being. The Profound Meditation Program, a sophisticated brainwave entrainment program, is one of the key elements in the Integral Recovery system. Also central to Integral Recovery is the AQAL™ map, a conceptual framework that helps illuminate the disease of addiction—and the journey of recovery—in comprehensive and compassionate terms.

Integral Recovery’s founder and lead practitioner is John Dupuy, M.A. He combines two decades of on-the-ground addiction counseling experience with the cutting-edge tools offered by Integral Recovery Practice and the AQAL™ map, to offer a fresh and extremely promising approach to treatment for chemically-dependent individuals and their families.

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