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Meditation & Brainwaves



In advanced meditation, the human brain typically moves into very profound brainwave patterns like:
  • ALPHA: The most commonly found pattern in meditation, representing a state of relaxation, calm focus and inner harmony.
  • THETA: A very deep state of meditation often associated with profound relaxation, creativity and bliss.
  • DELTA: An extraordinary meditative state correlated with intuition, healing, ecstasy and peace.
  • GAMMA: A blissful state of compassion, inspiration and unconditional love.

Robert Rich


But How Long Does It Take To Achieve Such Advanced States?

advanced meditation

According to experts, using traditional methods alone, it realistically takes anywhere from two or three years or more in order to achieve these states reliably. And this often involves not only meditating at least one to three hours per day but also attending numerous meditation retreats that require 6 to 12 hours of meditation per day.

We at iAwake Technologies often hear from people who recognize how their lives have benefitted from meditation but nonetheless have found it very difficult to put in enough practice time in order to experience the profound states of well-being facilitated by meditation.

In today’s demanding world, it can be challenging to maintain, much less develop, these kinds of peak performance brainwave states. And the busier we get, the more dysfunctional our brainwave states become.

Robert Rich


Can Modern Technology Help?

laptop headphonesAbsolutely! At one time, we at iAwake were very much like some of the people who knew the power of meditation to support exceptional happiness and well-being, yet found it difficult to put in the required time to achieve and maintain those advanced brainwave states. After years of research and personal experience, however, we eventually developed a unique audio and subtle energy technology that can consistently give anyone a profound experience of such states in record time.

This iAwake Neural and Biofield Entrainment Technology has been thoroughly tested and is the only meditation technology endorsed by the “Einstein of Consciousness,” spiritual author Ken Wilber.

Robert Rich

What Can the iAwake Experience Do for YOU?

Robert Rich

  • Enjoy deep meditation and relaxation - quickly
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Evolve and deepen your spiritual life
  • Establish a daily practice that sticks
  • Enhance your focus, flow, and performance
  • Increase your creativity
  • Release limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Experience joy
  • Deepen compassion for yourself and others


Robert Rich

Read What Others Are Saying About Profound Meditation...

Robert Rich



My experience continues to be profound indeed! To say that I am completely in love with your product would be a vast understatement!

~ Scott Lillich



This is like breathing; I chose to have this in my life. To say it has changed me is an understatement. I have started a new business, I am not as tired; I smile more, smile while I listen to waves; made commitments and TOOK ACTION on heartfelt things I had not attended to before; have more mind energy, body energy, discipline, focus. I love this... soon, I hope to be one of those rich testimonials as proof this is the best. I tried everything, Tony Robbins, Silva, quantum jumping. Although they worked to a certain point, there was a missing ingredient. This is the missing ingredient.

~ Evelyn Eaglesong



I've been in and around mind machines and sound based entrainment technologies for many years.

I've also been a long term meditator for over five years; so benchmarking from a personnel perspective is a given.

I've used Centrepoint products for a long period to gauge for myself any subtle changes, and although I wouldn't write them off, I certainly wouldn't recommend them (which for me says it all).

Now for the PMP demo. I did some preliminary pranayama and put on the track. I could hear the entrainment in the track, let go, and that was it. I was lead inexorably into states that I have previously glimpsed on many occasions, but in this instance i was bathing, swimming and feasting on these wonderful experiences.

On my third listening, I experienced an amazing non dual type state of seeing/feeling the pure vibrating fabric of all things simply laid out around, through an infinite ME. In the past these kind of experiences where glimpsed briefly, whereas this was palpable and remained for a long time in rich detail.

Also the after effects I have previously felt from a particularly good meditation were usually subtle and easily overshadowed by the intrusion of life's ordinary stressors. In one case however the after using the demotrack the effects remained in my awareness as I floated along the road for a 10 km walk while at one point talking on the phone to my sister who was dealing with family issues concerning my invalid father. I felt that I was able to really support my sister by simply extending my empathy and listening with a almost effortless acceptance. All the while I was still aware of this pulsing, all pervasive vibration, buoying me along.

From the above you no doubt could intimate that I am impressed. Yes, you bet I am!! Looking forward to ordering the full set and launching myself into a great exploration, ie: what I live for.

Thank you for creating such an incredible resource and I hope to provide much more feedback in the future and for the first time be "recommending" the resource to others.

~ Francis



Actually, the PM [Profound Meditation] tracks have been creating enormous amounts of outright bliss - deep bodily highs that seem to extend beyond my skin as if I am within a cloud of ecstasy. So, with that in mind, they have been treating me quite well, thank you.

~ Steven Michael Hawley



I am just flying ever higher and convinced this is the BEST entrainment technology yet! It's helped me to move out of a persistent rough patch, too. Thank you, thank you for creating it. By the way, I had a few days of 'hyperactivity' after moving to delta, and wondered if your theory was wrong. However, it has now moved to a deep sense of calm and spontaneous mindfulness. I think the first few days of delta, my brain was trying to reestablish its usual higher frequency state, but has now realized the benefits of delta, as I have! ;)

~ James Basil



The Profound Meditation Program V.2 is a highly effective aid to meditation. Having used quite a few of the various binaural meditation CDs available these days, I can say without a doubt that this one is my favorite. It consistently produces very deep states of consciousness, facilitating a very fertile field for insight to arise and personal growth to occur.

As a long term meditator with extensive experience in both traditional meditation as well as audio-enhanced meditation, it is clear that this is a powerful tool to support the serious meditator in their daily practice. The benefits I have noticed in my life as a result of the use of this technology are not subtle. My awareness continues to grow, and with that comes more freedom and less suffering. Obstacles along the path become more malleable and evolution is smoother. It truly is a gift. In closing, I would highly recommend this technology to anyone who is seeking greater peace and understanding in their life.

~ Andrew Macfarlane

Robert Rich

Test Drive the 20-min Demo


We respect your privacy. We will never share your email address with any 3rd party. We'll send the download instructions straight to your inbox. Occasionally, we may send special offers or discounts on our products. You can unsubscribe easily anytime.