Audio Acupuncture


Audio Acupuncture


For An Invigorating and Grounding Meditation

The Energy Alchemy Series contains very powerful subtle energy frequencies specifically arranged to enhance consciousness, instill peace, lift mood, and assist conscious connection with deeper spiritual awareness.

What is unique about the Energy Alchemy Series is that it contains NO brainwave entrainment, a first for iAwake Technologies, so you DO NOT need headphones AND you can play it SILENTLY and still generate this powerfully positive field of subtle energy.

Audio Acupuncture contains soundtracks embedded with a unique energetic signature of the human acupuncture meridian map, which optimizes the healthy flow of qi through all the acupuncture meridians.

"Integrated Resonance, Wellbeing and Bliss"

In my experience, this is your best product to date, at least for my physiology. I could not be more pleased with having it as a tool for my life. I immediately experienced positive outcomes from using it. It seems to soothe my nervous system, give me consistent energetic support, and give me interims of integrated resonance, wellbeing and bliss (almost like Mother love).
~ Drea Howerstein


Listen to a Sample

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This program features a unique biofield entrainment formula designed to help you naturally experience feeling:


  • Uplifted
  • Calm
  • Warm
  • Invigorated 
  • High
  • Relaxed

Audio Acupuncture may also benefit:

  • Profound movie and music experiences
  • Releasing Stress
  • Heightened physical and mental well-being
  • Anxiety

In this program you will find: 

  • Three 20-minute nature tracks (60 minutes total)
  • A comprehensive User eManual
  • Powerful subtle energetic (biofield) frequencies that are naturally stress-reducing, healing, deeply relaxing and uplifting, centering & calming
  • Ongoing Support (live weekly coaching call, responsive email, active Facebook forum)



Listen to Eric Thompson discuss Audio Acupuncture

October 16, 2013

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Proprietary Biofield Technology

biofield technologyThis recording is embedded with the subtle energy frequencies of:

White Light

A powerful “spiritual solvent” capable of clearing negative emotions and blocks to spiritual awakening; associated with healing, shielding from negativity.

Energy of the Golden Mean 

Found to be present at sacred pilgrimage sites; sattvic (harmonizing) properties; profound centering and balancing qualities; deeply calming and purifying.


Naturally stress reducing; healing energy. 

Horizontal Negative Green

Properties: A powerful spiritual carrier wave involved in prayer, meditation and spiritual and psychic phenomena (like distant healing and nonlocal, or faster than the speed of light, communication).


Properties: Contains all 12 higher harmonics – Horizontal Negative Green, Black, Infrared, Red, Orange, Yellow, Positive Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Ultraviolet and White. Can be very invigorating, and tends to push stuck qi until it moves and becomes unblocked.

Acupoint Signatures

Properties: Contains a unique energetic signature of the human acupuncture meridian map, which optimizes the healthy flow of qi through all the acupuncture meridians.

Special Element Blend for the Nervous System

Properties: Contains the energetic signatures of the precise elements (from the Periodic Table of Elements) that, in proper application, have a soothing, stabilizing, regenerative and healing effect on the human nervous system. 


Properties: Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves have been associated with acupuncture treatment, and are included in this formulation. The result, when mixed with the subtle energies in this formulation, is beautifully calming AND invigorating at the same time, leaving one feeling deeply centered yet ready for high energy movement. 


Notes from Eric Thompson, creator of Audio Acupuncture...

Eric Thompson Why did you create Audio Acupuncture?

Whenever I create a new program, one of my main motivations for doing so is the desire to express higher and higher levels of the technology, to create something that'll help elevate consciousness in some specific way. In this case, I wanted to build on the foundation of a previous program, Audio Chi, and take it to a new level. That program is still quite relevant and powerful, but I wanted to expand its application, benefits and overall power. 

Rather than incorporating audio brainwave entrainment, as Audio Chi does, Audio Acupuncture relies wholly upon our subtle energetic biofield technology. We've made significant upgrades to this aspect of our technology, and we've already received reports from participants who've said they find it hard to believe that this recording contains absolutely no audio audio brainwave entrainment in any form. Although it will entrain brainwaves, it does so entirely through the use of subtle energetic signals embedded into the audio files. In fact, a common report is that people are being led into deep states of relaxation and meditation very easily and quickly using this recording.

The subtle energetic formulation contains the signatures of life force energy and the optimal flow of qi through the acupuncture meridian system. It's like a tuneup for the acupuncture system, fine-tuning it to release blockages of qi. Whereas Audio Chi broadcasts a general transmission of life force energy, Audio Acupuncture directs that transmission to and through the acupuncture meridians in a very specific way

How is it best used?

It can be used in a number of useful ways: 

    • As an hour-long daily meditation, for deep relaxation and meditation
    • As a background soundtrack (at low volume) for work, study, moving meditation, group meditation and general relaxation
    • As a silent broadcast: Turn the volume all the way down--even open up multiple copies of a track on several media players (with the volume turned down) to amplify the subtle energetic signals, and the biofield technology's subtle energetic field will be broadcasted into the immediate environment, using the electromagnetic field of the playing device as a carrier. 


Some of the benefits people report with this program:

    • acupunctureImproves sleep when listening while drifting off in the evening
    • Supports endurance during hiking
    • Possible pain relief effects
    • Deep relaxation
    • Meditation
    • Increased creativity
    • Decreased irritability
    • Decreased energetic drain after working on the computer for extended periods
    • General healing
    • Improved qi-flow
    • Decreased fatigue
    • Increased pleasurable tingling feeling in body
    • Can be used safely with other forms of stimulation for meditation, peak performance etc. 
    • Facilitates removal of energetic blockages
    • Euphoric effects similar to those experienced in actual acupuncture treatments
    • Mind-body synchronization
    • Soothing to the nervous system
    • Quiets mental chatter
    • Great for qigong practice
    • Increased feelings of groundedness

How has the response been so far?

Everyone seems to universally love the 3D nature soundtrack, which subtly shifts from one nature scene to another over time, rather than looping. We've been told that the experience is much more life-like than typical stereo recordings of nature. When asked how we might improve this recording, one person responded, "By making more of them. I want more! No, seriously, they are stunning."

~ Eric Thompson


Three Ways To Enjoy Audio Acupuncture:

Play Audio Acupuncture at a comfortable volume through loudspeakers in the background: Your whole environment will be infused with the subtle energetic frequencies of nature, facilitating a sense of balance, calm, and clarity.

Listen to Audio Acupuncture with headphones: Listening to Audio Acupuncture with headphones provides the optimal effect for deep and profound contemplation and meditation.

Play Audio Acupuncture silently WITH NO VOLUME: You might find yourself in a situation when you'd like to experience the benefits of Audio Acupuncture, but it's inappropriate to be wearing ear buds or listening to music. No Problem. Place Audio Acupuncture on "repeat" on your MP3 player, then turn the volume down to zero and don't worry about using your ear buds at all. Due to the powerful biofield (subtle energetic) entrainment technology contained in Audio Acupuncture, it will create a calm, peaceful, harmonious field even at zero volume. Some people are more able to consciously detect this energy field than others, but your body and biofield will still register and benefit from it nonetheless.


Participant Feedback

"Activating My Meridians"

The energetic frequencies embedded within these beautiful nature sounds create the right environment for healing and releasing stress. I could feel the biofield energies activating my meridians in ways that I have only previously felt while in an actual Acupuncture treatment session. Somehow, this audio creates an openness for the body and mind to synergistically communicate with each other so healing can take place.

~ Mike Lapetina

"Our Most Authentic Self"

Someone once told me that we are our most authentic self when we are laughing hysterically. At those moments we are totally present in the moment and every cell and fiber of our being is activated and completely focused on the same message. In many ways listening to Audio Acupuncture is a similar experience. I hope that other people enjoy it as much as I do.
~ Michael Halbfish

"I am shocked that there is no Brainwave Entrainment"

I am shocked that there is no Brainwave Entrainment embedded in these tracks, because my experience would like to argue otherwise! The Biofield effect is so powerful, that I feel just as deep of a revery and meditative state with Audio Acupuncture, as I often do with many Brainwave Entrainment tracks. Perhaps this is in part due to the stimulation of the acupressure points directly? Anytime I receive an acupuncture treatment, I feel a unique and wonderful sort of trance. These audios seem to produce the same, powerful effect.
~ Jason Magnon

"Rooting Me in the Now"

I always feel a strong energy flow (vibrations) going up my legs when listening to these tracks. They have been great for "grounding" me, for rooting me in the now, in a very physical/energetic way. They also activate my heart chakra. And give me an extra push besides my main meditation.
~ Andre Lima

Audio Acupuncture

Package Includes:

  • One 60-minute Digital Download or optional CD (3 20-minute tracks)
  • MP3, M4A & WAV digital formats (Mac, PC, mobile compatible)
  • User Manual
  • Practitioner's Forum
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call
  • New Innovative Technology



Digital Download $27 CD & Download $37

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